Atomic Wallet - Multi-currency Wallet with Decentralized Atomic Swap Exchange

Atomic Wallet - Multi-currency Wallet with Decentralized Atomic Swap Exchange
The use of Atomic swap technology makes the management of cryptocurrency efficient, reliable and easier. This virtual e-wallet belongs to Atomic Wallet ( and uses the same blockchain technology. Also, by its use, there is no involvement of the third party in process of exchanging the currencies between the two-party. For example: If you have a certain amount of BTC (Bitcoin), while the other user possesses an equal amount of ETH (Ethereum) then an atomic swap is a way to exchange the currencies in absence of the middle party.

The transaction functions in peer to peer connection, thus it is transparent, reliable and can be lightning fast. After all, life is always about saving our precious time. The Atomic Swap Work used by the Atomic Wallet uses two means : On-Chain and Off-chain. Thus these chain works by applying Hashed Time Lock arrangements (HTLCS). This concept is derived from BTC which uses Lightning Network.

Some of the basic features and benefits of Atomic Wallets are :

There are no limitations on the exchange, and it is easy and reliable. As it is a new system of exchange, there are hundreds of customers trading every day. Anyone can find their right amount as it is easy to locate another collaborator.

No fraud. The use of cross-chain technology makes the exchange reliable. The Atomic Wallet uses its own token called Atomic Pocketbook Coin (AWC). These tokens use the blocks which acts independently without an issue. The data are fixed and works according to the agreements. Also, this Atomic Wallet Token can be run on Ethereum block-chain with ERC-20.

Safety. Both the party has to agree on a certain deal before the transaction. This process of following a regulation helps to ensure the safety among the users.

Safe Ecosystem. Since each transaction is signed through a digital signature, it is sent to the blockchain. As soon as the transaction process takes place, the signature becomes committed which means the money will be transferred safely to another wallet. This entire process makes the Atomic Wallet safe place to use, exchange and store the user's cryptocurrency. The advanced security like multi-signature and authentication helps the eco-system grow towards the secure system.

Furthermore, the consumers could deal with the transaction at any time. The token monetary system is regulated in international standard and the price advancement is clarified through the special charter. The Atomic Wallet is also a centralized system which protects the information of the user. The system ensures the safety of user data and protection from cyber attacks, IP penetration by the hackers and the fraudsters. The design of Atomic Wallet is in simplest form and users with any basic knowledge can work on it. The users do not require the additional ability and the time taken by the task are quick and reliable.

In conclusion, the other cryptocurrency exchange can be harmful to its users because they use central systems with centralized administration. Therefore, Atomic Wallets is recommended to the user which definitely saves the user from the modern cyber problem. The absence of the third-party in the transaction is also the greatest achievement, and the use of Atomic Wallet certainly has its own benefit among the users.



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