Features And Benefits of Atomic Wallet

There was a time when people used the barter system to exchange their goods and services. But it would never meet our requirements due to its limitations. Then comes the currency.

Introduction of currency changed the whole system. We start carrying currencies which help us in exchanging our goods and services. Currency becomes the most preferred medium of exchanging services and goods. But the most popular currency nowadays is Cryptocurrency.

We all know that Cryptocurrency is a digital asset which works as a medium to exchange.

There are so many cryptocurrencies available like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins and many more. Now, We all know about the advantages of cryptocurrencies but It’s getting really hard to keep a track of them all.

We all have some funds in Bitcoins, Litecoins or in tokens. It’s so annoying to exchange them. Most of us keep our funds in different coins and tokens so it’s really hard to maintain all the coins and tokens. Then I heard about Atomic Wallet, a light multi-asset wallet. A wallet which let us control and exchange all our cryptocurrencies at one platform giving it It’s Unique Identity. It attracted my attention.

After all, Who doesn’t want to make it easy to exchange all the currencies at one platform? So, I tried this wallet and I was really surprised with its services. It was so easy to exchange my Coins and tokens from any CryptoCurrency to the other. Before trying anything new, We all think of some privacy issues, convenience, and other factors.

So, I thought of giving this Wallet a try, I used all the features. So first, Let me tell you about some key features Atomic Wallet offered.

  1. Atomic Swap
    Let’s start with the Atomic swap. It is a feature which let me exchange my cryptocurrencies without engaging third parties. Yes, You can exchange all your cryptocurrencies at one platform with no privacy issue. I was so satisfied with this feature that I no more have to worry out all those transactions.

  2. Secure
    The most essential point is security. The atomic wallet comes with an Strong encryption and custody free solutions. It provided me with full security and all the transactions were encrypted. Private keys make it more secure as they are encrypted and always stay in my phone Ensuring that I’m the only controller of my funds. It’s like keeping money in your pocket, Isn’t it?

  3. Multi-Currency
    This feature really attracts my attention. This wallet supports almost every cryptocurrency I need. It accepts over 300 cryptocurrencies(coins and tokens) Giving me the comfort of keeping all my funds on a single and trusted platform.

So These features were to be checked. And I can say that all these features really did their part. I’m pretty much satisfied with the service of this wallet. I’m still using this wallet And if you are also finding it difficult to exchange your currencies and looking for a platform to do all the work providing you all the security, Then I strongly recommend using Atomic Wallet and try it for yourself.



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The article is written by artur2403

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