Key features of BISTOX exchange

Hello, guys! Today I want to talk about BISTOX exchange

Today, there are a large number of exchanges on the cryptocurrency market. It is no secret that the developers of each exchange want their product to be in the first place among users.

Despite the fact that the competition in this market is quite large, more and more new players are trying their hand in this field. Some of them are not worthy of attention, because they do not carry anything new and innovative. These exchanges follow the existing business model. Only some players really want to bring innovation to the cryptocurrency community.

Today we will talk about the exchange that will be able to turn over the existing market and introduce its technology, which traders will not be able to ignore. This applies to both experienced traders and those who still doubted the success of this enterprise.

BISTOX is an absolutely amazing project. This is a cryptocurrency exchange that combines all the best that already exists in the market, but at the same time this exchange provides absolutely unique tools for its users.

Key features of BISTOX exchange

  • Absolute transparency of all transactions.

BISTOX is based on the NEM blockchain. Each user will be able to check when, for what, and how much he paid. No hidden fees or surcharges - all transactions will be transparent!

  • Regular audit.

BISTOX will work with major auditing firms around the world. Auditors will be constantly changing in order not to cause doubts and, at the same time, to check each other's work.
Thus, BISTOX achieves another goal - You will not work with anonymous owners of one of the exchanges, but with reliable partners whom you know and can rely on them in any situation. Transparent financial audit is not accepted at all in this sphere today. BISTOX breaks the stereotypes.

  • Licensing.

Today, exchanges are trying to circumvent many pitfalls to attract the maximum number of anonymous customers. Major financial manipulation is just one of the problems. You will have to pass the KYC and AML procedures once, but each exchange participant will work in the legal field. The SEC will have nothing to complain about.

  • Partial decentralization.

BISTOX will support the so-called "phantom wallet". This is a new technology that will allow you to use the exchange without actually transferring funds to the exchange wallets. The confirmed speed of 1.8 million transactions per second (and this is not the limit) will provide traders with amazing opportunities!

  • New level of technical support.

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in different languages - and all this is almost without delay! This is exactly what the user of a modern cryptocurrency exchange wants to see.

  • Social trading.

This functionality allows traders to see each other's work on the stock exchange. For beginners, this can help in the formation of primary strategies and packages. Experienced traders will be able to earn extra money by publishing their packages and tactics.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) - D.A.N.N.I.

This is an unique BISTOX development. AI is aimed at maximum assistance to both beginner traders and experienced ones. This assistant will be indispensable for you. DANNI will be able to collect information from a variety of external sources and provide it to the traiders.


To konow more about the Bistox team, please visit


This exchange is a completely new innovative product based on the NEM blockchain. Developers are experienced professionals in the blockchain industry and software. I think that this project has a great future and BISTOX will be able to take a leading place in the cryptocurrency market.

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