Masternet - Multi-System Interconnected Platform

With such a high rate of cryptocurrency development and a sharp increase in transactions per second, today it has become important for many cryptocurrency exchanges to show the incredible capabilities of the matching mechanism and create various algorithms that meet the growing requirements for processing transactions per second. Given the fact what a load goes on cryptocurrency exchanges and increased interest from many investors, today there are a large number of blockchain projects that are quite far from their original goals to provide a full service for cryptocurrency traders. Exchanges cannot meet the needs of traders with experience who know a lot of tactics and proven trading strategies. It is also worth considering the need to provide a convenient and easy to use platform to learn, earn and overcome difficulties faster.

The first task was to create a system that supports a useful community model that can be combined not only with the Akasic network ecosystem, but also with any other project related to the blockchain. In the process of creating a community for the Akasic Global Ecosystem, Masternet continues to look for blockchain projects that have shown signs of success in the first part of their development phases and are struggling to have any impact on the outcome of their weak community development.
Then Masternet will meet with Them to discuss the possible merger of the two networks for the benefit of both parties and their users. Akasic aims to create a balance between all its features, which promise to bring benefits at any cost.

Masternet is a cross platform financial platform which is a community project developed for the Global Akasic project and designed for greater integration with other Blockchain projects that require real users to serve. Daily demand for large and prosperous communities.

Mission: To promote the development and acceptance of Blockchain in particular and increase world efficiency in general by bringing healthy and strong communities to potential and practical Blockchain projects, ensuring they remain and develop while benefiting everyone at the same time.

Today, building a strong community for the Akasic Global Project is our main goal with the goal of creating 50 million users for the global Akasic ecosystem and placing the MASH coin into 10 e-mails. Top with the biggest capitalization.

What is Global Akasic?

Akasic Global is a platform that is a cross-platform, cross-platform, coexistence and application of Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) with superior technology and features developed by a team of top experts, based in Korea.

Akasic Global Project Potential Assessment - Revolution 4.0:

Its full features like facebook, video calls, messages, audio calls.
Second, it uses the same two-layer security application as Telegram, which is extremely secure and safe to use.
More specifically, you can exchange resources like money transfers, loans and send encrypted assets with just a few clicks - this has not been done by any social networks until now.
In particular, it has compatibility with the trade.
And think of the future, it will be an extremely important application for the user. With a large community network, it will collect all the knowledge data of each person, thus preparing BOT AI more and more data for analysis, from which to send back to the user. The most accurate results.
In the future, such a large amount of money can increase revenue by advertising through this ecosystem, thus helping finance their finances more efficiently.
Akasic Global ecology - in the general economic model.

Akamess: This is a multi-channel social networking network that integrates directly in exchange, connecting users to each other to interact, including fast support teams as well as very fast connections to help you solve them. It can exchange resources such as money transfers, loans and encrypted assets with just a few clicks.

Akatrade: Helps users make commercial transactions, coin transactions quickly, which can reach millions of transactions per second, not blocked, allowing users to react to market changes.

Akabot: AI artificial intelligence, this will be a wise advisor based on the data he receives from you advising on market trends, placing orders for profit optimization. .

Akapay: This is the first QR code scanning code code that makes the first coin move fast and safely, accurately.

AkaStore: A network of moving and fixed stores that employ AkaPay

AkaCard: A debit card by Akasic Global to take out funds from partner banks’ ATMs whenever needed.

AkaMiner: Allows miners to gather at one place to discuss different aspects of blockchain technology and share new minted cryptocurrencies without any third party involved.


Not to be outdone by other cryptowallets, the Akasic Global is proud to present its own brand of digital wallets known as the AKAWallet. It is meant for its users to sore MASH coins, ETH and other crypto currencies safely guaranteeing unrelenting safety and security. AKAWallet can be downloaded on the Android or iOS application store.

The Akasic Global is well aware of the sensitive data and information its users store through their cryptocurrencies and has left no stone unturned in taking on the threat. It has defeated any hacking attempts and breaches that it has encountered which demonstrates how serious it is when it comes to the safety of its users.

Token Information
Ticker: MASH
Token Standard: ERC-20
Platform: Ethereum
Token Supply: 200 million



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Akasic Whitepaper
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