NOIZ - Decentralized future of advertising

Hello, guys!
I want to introduce you to a project that may become a leader in its field and it will change the advertising market around the world - NOIZchain!

NOIZchain is the successful integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to bring advertising back into the right hands. In recent years, more and more advertisers appreciate the benefits of advertising on the Internet and large capitals are beginning to enter this industry. Digital marketing provides the advertiser with many advantages and maximum effect, the opportunity to explore and analyze the audience and its statistics, brings to this industry a lot of new formats of advertising and so on. But you can achieve the desired result only if you properly and competently own advertising tools, or cooperate with professionals in this field such as NOIZchain! Today there is a clear lack of qualified specialists in this market.

The main types of advertising on the Internet are contextual advertising, advertising in the social.networks, viral advertising, mass-media. These kinds of advertisements are very popular on the Internet, but there is also a brand new tool that the NOIZchain project team is going to implement and use. It's cognitive advertising!

Cognitive advertising is advertising that stimulates a person to learn and study the product.
NOIZchain will implement cognitive advertising using NICOLA.
NICOLA is an artificial intelligence that will interact with the user, correspond with him in the chat, thereby increasing his participation in the process. This tool involves the user in a situation in which he will be able to evaluate the product known to him from a different perspective. It forces to push the user to action and bring him out of the passive state and make him an active participant in the advertising process. The main rule of this type of advertising: it is necessary to treat the consumer with respect and understanding.
The effectiveness of such advertising is due to the fact that it affects the basic elements of human understanding of the world, because when a person becomes part of such advertising, he perceives what is happening differently on a subconscious level. This type of advertising is not perceived by a person as something obsessive. This is because the person takes an active position, begins to feel like a part of the process involved in the activities of the company and he feels its importance. This way you can appreciate the full potential and importance of the technology that the NOIZchain project uses.


NOIZchain solves one of the main problems of online advertising- It's fraud! Fraud is becoming very serious problem in the digital market. The global expenses of advertisers for fraudulent traffic in 2017 reached $16.5 billion dollars and this figure is increasing every year. If you simplify the concept of advertising fraud, it is artificial traffic or bots that generate ad impressions or clicks on ads. There are many types of advertising fraud: fake websites, advertising clutter, toolbars, fake domains and so on.


NOIZchain creates a decentralized advertising network using artificial intelligence and cognitive advertising. Artificial intelligence will analyze and filter spam, as well as fake clicks and views.

NOIZ is the main token in the NOIZchain economy. The advertiser will deposit funds to the NOIZ platform to create an advertising campaign. The platform will convert the funds into NOIZ tokens and then send tokens to the publisher to get started. Then the user interacts with NIKOLA, receiving a reward and gives feedback to the advertiser and the distributor of advertising. This process is beneficial for all.

NOIZchain already has its prototype, you can follow the link and look at it:

The big advantage of the project is that it already has strong links in the advertising industry.
NOIZchain is expanding list of its advertisers having developed partnerships with NDN Group, Hotmob and other companies.


Public Token Sale NOW! 20% discount on NOIZ tokens!

Total supply: 400 million NOIZ
Standard: ERC20
Tokens for Sale: 180,000,000 (45%) NOIZ
Softcap $10M USD
Hardcap $25M USD
Price: 1 NOIZ = $0.14

The end date of the token sale is TBD.
Here's a guide on how to purchase NOIZ tokens during the token sale.
Don't forget to complete KYC to participate in the sale.


To know more about the NOIZchain team, please visit


The project team has a lot of successful advertising projects, quite experienced guys and very qualified. The team has serious partnerships with many large companies. NOIZChain looks promising, as the advertising industry is huge and the devs have set a goal to solve all the current problems in this field. I wish them luck!

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