lvat7uki9zp11.jpgThe first cryptocurrency created, bitcoin was created for the use of peer to peer payment, decentralizing strong financial hub, making individuals own their financial assets without any middleman or third party interventions and handing total financial and since the creation, bitcoin has been dominating the digital world which lots of other cryptocurrency have been created after its high potentials. The Cryptocurrency as a whole has been growing rapidly and it usefulness has been highly appreciated which makes lots of people to get in and use it to solve their tasks. Today bitcoin has done more than what it was created for and still have the ability to do more.

With the adaption of bitcoin and the massive growth over the years there exist a major problem and has been holding the currency uses back. The problem includes Insufficient transaction volume, slow transactions, high transaction fees and inflexibility. All of this came to be after the massive adaption of cryptocurrency and every since then new networks has been created like the Lighting Network, Blockstream Liquid and Raiden Network but all of this failed to solve the problems. This is why MIXIN have to get in and solve the problems, MIXIN is not about creating another cryptocurrency or a competitive distributed ledger but to work in a unique way to solve the problems.

MIXIN is a distributed public ledger system to gain trillions of TPS, sub second final confirmation, zero transaction fee, enhanced privacy and unlimited extensibility. MIXIN is a free and lightning fast peer-to-peer transactional network for digital assets. MIXIN network is Powerful, Secure, Instant, and Private. Mixin is composed of a single theoretically permanent Kernel, many dynamic Domains and different multi- purpose Domain Extensions, to formulate an extended star topology. Mixin has also developed it own technology to make the network run without problems.


As the part to make the network run faster and properly Mixin has created the Mixin kernel. The Mixin Kernel is a powerful distributed ledger. It's purpose is to verify asset transactions. The Mixin kernel is also a distributed network just like Bitcoin networks as a whole but works in a more sustainable way. Although Mixin Kernel verifies asset transactions but it doesn't produce any assets. All assets flow through the Kernel by Mixin Domains.

The Maxin Domain severs as a bridge to connect resources to the Mixin karnel. The Domain is a distributed ledger system. The Mixin Domain job is to providing assets to the Mixin Kernel. The assets may be those on Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other blockchains, or even central organizations like banks. It is a significant part of the set-up owing to the interaction exisitng with the kernel. Mixin Kernel and Domains are all public available distributed ledgers, with no central authorities. From the Kernel to Domains, the Mixin Network is all about assets and transactions.

This is the brain and where they every thing come to be on the Mixin Network. The Mixin Extention is built with a high technology standard to help users smart contracts on their device be it smartphones or computers. With the extension built with standard technology the smart contract it create is more reliable than that of the present blockchain networks.

The Mixin Messenger app allows users to utilize peer to peer (P2P) payment transactions to create their contracts. The Messenger is built on the signal protocol with end to end encryption which makes any transactions fully secured. It also gives developers opportunities to build new Dapps on the Mixin Network infrastructure.The Mixin Mesanger can hold users cryptocurrencies because it's has a secured wallet built into it. So users can use it to store and transfer cryptocurrencies. The Mixin Messager is current available for download on smartphones App-stores

Ocean ONE is built by Mixin team. It's a decentralized exchange built to work on the Mixin Network. Ocean ONE is a fully secured exchange built with user friendly interface to enable users have easy access and its the first decentralized exchange that gain the same user experience as a centralized one.

Mixin token '' XIN'' is used in the Mixin service such as API calls, Dapp creation and full node collateral. When users create a new Dapp a one time cost in XIN will be required to by the user, the cost is determined by the resources of the DApp claims to consume. Every fees on the Mixin service will be recycled to the mining pool. The total supply of XIN token is 1,000,000 and 443,726 XIN is currently in circulation. 50,000 XIN have been distributed to early Mixin Messenger adopters. 50,000 XIN are reserved for the development team. The remaining 500,000 XIN will be the incentives for all Mixin full nodes and light nodes. The token is already trading listed on Coinmarketcap and some major exchanges https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mixin/

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Click the links below to know more about MIXIN Project
Website: https://mixin.one/
Whitepaper: https://mixin.one/assets/Mixin-Draft-2018-07-01.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/MixinCommunity
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Mixin_Network
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MixinNetwork/

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