TWOGAP | The First Cryptocurrency Market With Cryptobonds

0_Z9wCfmpjNI0MT8zO.jpegThe crypto market has been a volatile market filled with ups and downs. Since the beginning of this year the crypto market has suffered lots down from a high of $800 billion to a low of $186 billion. This did not favor investors and the entire cryto world and has lead to many leaving cryptocurrency for another to make their gain other than losing. And if this continues the crypto market won't be sustainable due to the fact that many old investors will leave and new investors won't have any interest in investing into crytocurrencies, this will lead to more downs in the crypto market and in the future it won't be suitable for any usage. This is why TWOGAP is here to put thing in the crypto market right before it gets out of hands. Twogap is using CryptoBonds to help investors and traders gain more confidence in the crypto market.

TwoGap is a cryptocurrency platform which was built to bring Crypto Investors the opportunity to acquire powerful and scale stop-loss products by using Cryptobond. The CryptoBond TwoGap platform allows issuers to secure and encrypt traditional Bonds into CryptoBonds which are circulated legal in the Crypto Market. The platfom also aim to protects investors, boost the market, becomes the backbone of the Global Crypto Market and extends the scale for a sustainable growth.

The TwoGap platform is built for trading and exchange of Cryptocurrencies which will allow investors to utilize Cryptobonds. The platform is built with a friendly user interface to allow users use the platform easily and efficiently, if is available to access on both mobile and computers. The TwoGap platform is built on a high standard and strong security to safeguard every fund on the platfom. TwoGap platform will provide a wide range of features, such as bond encryption, issuance, processing, escrow, brokerage, etc.

As I've said earlier that the crypto market is highly volatile and since this has caused many losses some things has been put to place like the creation of USDT and USD which are stable currency and are backed by dollar, this allows investors to move or exchange their Crypto Asset into USD when market is down but this hasn't become much helpful with TwoGap Crypto Bonds investors gets more advantages over the USDT and the USD because the USDT and USD is backed by dollar it issuance limited and cannot serve all investors in cryptocurrency but with TwoGap Crypto Bonds issuance is unlimited because it uses bonds and can serve as many as possible investors. Another advantage of the crypto is interest when investor exchange their crytocurrencies to USD they don't have any interest rate other than to have +/- 0.01 but with TwoGap CryptoBonds there will be an interest rate for investors when the exchange their Cryptocurrencies for crypto bonds and Crypto bonds can be issued either with fixed interest rate or bid interest.

The TwoGap platform will also feature lots of upgrades to the existing Cryptocurrency exchange, which includes:

Lower transactions fees: many cryptoexchanges today ask users to pay lots of transactions fees and keeps increasing every time but with TwoGap platform users will pay lower transactions fee and also users who holds twogap token (TGT) won't have to pay for transactions fees

Faster transactions: the TwoGap platform is equipped with modern technology to make transactions fast and smooth so users won't have to be waiting for hours or days before they see their withdrawal or deposits.

High security: every good exchange must have high security but TwoGap security is built in more secured way to protect every user's funds and can face any security breach that come it way.

The TwoGap token ''TGT'' is built on the Ethereum ERC20 standard and its sole purpose is to be used on the TwoGap platform. With TGT users has full access and control on the TwoGap platform and can use it to purchase CryptoBonds on the platform. The TGT also serve as transaction fees when users purchase other cryptocurrency on the TwoGap platform.

Ticker: TGT
Total Supply 210 billion
Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
Token price: 1 TGT = 0.001 USD
Minimum purchase: 50 TGT

33% for ICO privatesale and crowdsale
33% reserve for minting
4% for Bounty
15% for R&D
15% for team and advisors



The TwoGap technology was built to give investors advantages, confidence and trust in the crypto market which they never had before and make the crypto market sustainable. The technology will safe investors from losing their funds and makes it more secure.

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