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Slate the entertainment currency

Slate is a new, innovative protocol for applications, in entertainment, using blocking technology. Thanks to the decentralized system, it will be possible to inexpensively purchase and play video in high resolution at high speed from anywhere in the world. And also it will facilitate the process of issuing tickets for various events. Buyers will be able to spend the Slate (SLX) crypto currency on buying tickets that can not be counterfeited, for various entertainments.

Service Binge intends to set a new standard in the streaming video. The platform will use the technology of the distributed registry, which will significantly speed up the flow of the flow, and will also facilitate licensing. In this case, the system will be transparent and self-regulating, which has no analogues at the moment.

Service Slatix is

developed as a universal application for finding entertainment and ticketing, with a secure rating system and reviews. Regular users will earn rewards for loyalty and discounts for recreational activities, including movies, concerts, performances, museums and sports events. What's interesting is that the tickets themselves will be tokens on the Slate blockade and will be protected from forgery, which will enable them to safely, how to own them, and exchange in the secondary market.

The sale of Slate (SLX) SLX tokens are tokens that will stimulate the development of the Slate Entertainment ecosystem. The network will be a public register and a means of providing project services. The purpose of the primary sale is to raise funds for the development of the Slate network and the Slate Entertainment ecosystem. Sales will also distribute SLX tokens among SLATE network service providers and consumers. A total of 950 million tokens will be released. The distribution model begins with the initial sale, as well as financing the payment for the development of the protocol, encouraging the development of the network, marketing and the introduction of Slate.

Crowdsdale Slate is a decentralized, open source crypto currency. To ensure that the token always remains decentralized, 48% will be distributed through the sale of tokens. Thanks to incentives and discounts, additional Slate tokens will be distributed among people supporting constant decentralization and protection.

Content and a stimulating pool This pool is primarily designed to acquire content for the Binge network and to stimulate partnerships.

Slate Group The Slate Group includes directors, officers, consultants, independent contractors and partners of the Slate Entertainment Group (SEG). The tokens allocated to the Slate Group are subject to an automatic blocking policy, according to which tokens are issued 60 days after the end of the sale of the token and are fully distributed within a 36-month period.

Marketing This pool will be used to help the consumer adopt the Binge Streaming Blockchain Video on Demand (BVOD) service and the Slatix electronic ticket application.

Development Pool development will be used to encourage developers to bonuses to ensure the continued technical development of the Slate ecosystem.

Acquisition of content These funds will be used to purchase content for one of the channels of the Binge BVOD platform. The content will consist mainly of feature films, serials and documentaries. Also, the acquisition of previously released films will be included to create a catalog of content for the second channel of the platform.

Technical development The funds will be directed to the development and initial support of the Binge BVOD platform and the Slatix electronic ticket application.

Marketing and promotion This part will be allocated to marketing initiatives, such as industry sponsors, traditional advertising campaigns in print and media, digital media campaigns, the creation and continuous management of social networks, promotions associated with subscriptions, tickets and coupons, and also the development of advertising Slatix Platinum Concert Series.

Corporate and Overhead These funds will be used to develop and enhance the corporate infrastructure, general and administrative expenses, such as office rental, salaries, directors and advisers' remuneration, legal and accounting records.

Details of krauseyla As for the sale itself, the pre-sale will last from May 1 to May 30, and th

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