Freldo Platform (ICO)

Freldo – is working business social network which unites business owners and their customers. Freldo is operating for 2 years. Once our platform was launched, we proceed to improve it and make it more convenient for our users. Implementation of blockchain and smart contracts is important stage in the development of our platform.

At the moment, the services of customers presented many opportunities:
-Finding new contacts for easy communication, partners, investors or new clients for business;
-An international platform that is available worldwide;
-The best marketing promotion of your products at affordable prices;
-Building and expanding your business;
-Ample opportunities for additional earnings.

The social network was developed by Freldo Inc., which was registered in Canada in 2011 and opened a representative office in Toronto, Ontario. The platform was created as an alternative to LinkedIn. The development process took into account the aspects of the problems faced by small and medium-sized businesses, thereby raising to a new level the requirements for a professional social network. Now a new stage of development platform Freldo, which will be implemented blockchain technology and smart contracts. Now the platform really helps in the development of your business. Using a social network Freldo, customers will be able to find an experienced professional at a reasonable price to solve any problem, perform most complex requirements or purchase quality goods. Specialists can develop creatively, because the platform is constantly engaged in promotion and advertising. All transactions on the platform are protected by smart contracts.


At the time of writing this article, the project is undergoing the ICO procedure;

Token info;

In case you have any questions or would like to join, all official sources of the project I will leave Below:
ICO [16.07 - 17.09]
Your BitcoinTalk profile link:;u=1302804

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