MeFy - An integrated health platform!

MeFy - a platform in the field of medicine on the block. Usually health is considered a person's responsibility. MeFy believes that more and more often society will have a big impact on the changing health conditions of people around the world. MeFy, with its unique and destructive healthcare platform, unites the healthcare industry and patients. It starts with individuals, but includes friends and family, it connects doctors with pharmacists, researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

MeFy Objectives

The company wants to become a pioneer in the provision of medical services, the generation of various innovative evidence, and the empowerment of the patient within the healthcare industry.
Mefy user conduct any number of tests during the year at the expense of only consumables, based on the work of MeMe Care.
-Empower patients
MeFy advocates for the empowerment of patients by safely storing their data. Patients will now be encouraged to provide their health-related data required for various health research.
-Removing barriers
Medical care provides a solution to the many problems that the health system regularly faces. Now the large-scale absorption of the value approach is hampered by the infrastructural limitations of existing health information systems.
-Advantages of MeFy
The solutions that the MeFy project offers allow you to move the long-established paradigm based on value and patient-oriented. The use of blockchein technology ensures the development of a decentralized information infrastructure.

What is the meaning of MEFY

Regardless of your financial capabilities, you can count on the advice of good professionals. This is what the creators of the mefy platform are trying to achieve. It is a global decentralized network that can reshape the health care segment.

Benefits of MEFY

Why the platform is worthy of your attention:
Each user will be able to keep their own medical information in a virtual form. This is a great opportunity to get rid of problems with the loss of important research and data
Only the best doctors and round-the-clock access to consultations. At any time you can count on getting qualified help.
The data can be used for research, it allows you to find new ways to combat diseases.
The ability to automatically pick up the desired recipe and set a reminder for medication.


Data Collection Applications
Mar, 2018
MeFy Care Beta Launched
Mar, 2018
IOT powered diagnosis device MeFy Edge Beta Launched
Mar, 2018
First MeFy Edge Primary Care Clinic setup
Mar, 2018
MeFy Doctor App Alpha Launch
Aug, 2018
MeFy Doctor App Beta Launch
Sep, 2018
MeFy Pharmacy Beta Launch
Mar, 2019
MeFy Edge upgrade to cover 70% of regular tests prescribed by doctors
Mar, 2019
MeFy API and Analytics
Jun, 2019
Guided prescription
Dec, 2019
Diagnose and write prescription


MeFy will generate a total of 200,000,000 MEFY tokens, of which 25% will be reserved and 75% will be available for the public sale.
Token Metrics Summary
Total Tokens: 200,000,000 MEFY
Soft Cap: $10 Million USD
Hard Cap: $35 Million USD
Available for Token Sale: 175,600,000 MEFY
Presale Allocation: 50,000,000 MEFY (1 MEFY = 0.20 USD). The presale includes 15% bonus.
Crowd sale [ Dates to be announced during Presale ]
Allocation: 118,100,000 MEFY (1 MEFY = 0.30 USD with no bonus)
The crowd sale round does not have any bonuses.
Presale Requirements
Whitelist [Starting 8th June]
Presale - to be announced
Min/Max Contribution: 50 ETH - 1000 ETH
Min/Max Contribution: 5 BTC - 80 BTC
Crowd sale Requirements
Minimum Contribution: 0.2 ETH

In case you have any questions or would like to join, all official sources of the project I will leave Below:

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