Project overview - eLYQD

About the project

eLYQD is a marketplace platform designed to enable everyone to create an online store that will effectively utilize the most advanced e-Commerce technologies, including the ability to pay for vaping products using cryptocurrencies and eLYQD tokens. eLYQD is a fully decentralized e-Commerce marketplace where everyone can buy and sell Vaping products, as well as enjoy the significant benefits of the platform's design and technical capabilities: privacy, freedom, and much lower costs.
The most important the eLYQD has the aspiration to enable truly free trade on a global scale and use a blockchain platform for universal brands of e-liquids and accessories. The eLYQD contains powerful tools to facilitate the user experience and to protect the customers. All of those tools like instant search, escrow and customizable filters to screen items illegal. The eLYQD in 2014 ever launched vapor cigarettes.

Global Problems & eLYQD Solutions

Full product range — either expensive or not available
Consumers have access to brands from all over the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever they are.
Cross-border payments for vaping products
LYQD tokens allow users to send and receive payment globally in minutes, eliminating the risk of nonpayment and costing a tiny fraction of the total
eLYQD blockchain will facilitate immediate fund transfer into escrow accounts. All constituents can manage escrow accounts through smart contracts.
Payment Verification or denial
The eLYQD recordkeeping app will allow for simplified electronic record creation and store this data on a decentralized anonymized network that is significantly harder to hack and leak.
Record keeping and security
The eLYQD system will eliminate points of potential breakdown. eLYQD smart contracts will (a) ensure that transitions occur smoothly and (b) keep immutable records of actions taken by all constituents.
eLYQD requires proof-of-order, time/location stamping of the actual transaction, and undisputed hash records of all steps executed, from order, billing to shipping.
The eLYQD network will record all transactions, positive actions improve a user’s reputation. The risk of a negative review motivates all parties to remain honest. eLYQD's blockchain-based decentralized network will provide a platform for the next generation of peer-to-peer (P2P) apps to support and record all constituent interactions in the value chain, with proof of completion and compliance at each step.

Cryptocommerce Ecosystem

Within the eLYQD ecosystem, brands, consumers, arbiters, distribution and shippers interact directly with one another. Transactions are powered by LYQD and therefore they are fast, secure and transparent. There is no need for intermediaries that exist in traditional vaping ecosystems. eLYQD will retain all the value generated by the community within the ecosystem.

Road map

ICO details

The name of the token LYQD
Platform - ERC-20
The cost of token Pre-ICO - 1 LYQD = 0.0024 USD
The price of a token-ICO - 1 LYQD = 0.0024 USD
Soft Cap - 2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap - 15,000,000 USD
Country USA

In case you have any questions or would like to join, all official sources of the project I will leave Below:
ANN thread:

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