The BANKEX Foundation

What is the BANKEX foundation?
BANKEX foundation is a self-regulated non-commercial organization running with a group of members who are actively serving to develop smart contracts for newly updated product instances and Smart Assets formed through its participation. This foundation employs Blockchain technology experts, product experts, specialist programmers, and product providers. This foundation acts as a crucial element in the context of the BANKEX protocol and most importantly it is a non-profit organization. This also enables the coordination of several other systems to the main body.

A different aspect
People have been paying attention to the processes and technologies involved with BANKEX, but only a very limited sector has pointed out on the systems which have been designed to solve issues. When developing prototypes relevant to different Smart Assets in the BANKEX lab, the experts have run to different clients from different nations visiting them to tokenize their assets through the ICO mechanism. It should be noted that issuing a client their own coin is unsuccessful on behalf of the assets adding up to the real sector within the economy. Nonetheless, the demand and the inevitability to tokenize client assets seem to be quite trending.
The experts have suggested the system of Smart Asset emission as the pilot projects were approved at the BANKEX lab. Assets derived through this procedure will be set for the ISAO (Initial Smart Asset Offering) within a well-defined ecosystem (Proof-of-asset protocol). It is quite convincing to know that most of these plans had been turned out by the experts working on the protocol. They believe that there is not much potential for them to provide the companies with an option to tokenize regardless of the mediator effector played for the Smart Asset.

An effective solution
Team BANKEX expects to receive more and more of similar requests as the business tick the notes. It should be noted that most of these requests will flow in from assets or businesses suggesting the fact that these will be originators without token assets. Right now the BANKEX lab is receiving similar requests, but they are planned to be diverted to multiple product owners within the ecosystem. They will go on to process the requests which have the potential to be tokenized developing product instances. Similarly, they will reject requests flowing in. It is not very important to analyze the reason for rejection in this context.

Intervention of the BANKEX foundation
Requests which are flowing in to tokenize new types of assets will be addressed by the acting product owners at the BANKEX foundation. It is important to analyze through which the BANKEX foundation links the actions involved

The Asset Community
From the point at which the request for a Smart Asset pops in from the market, it should be noted that there may be certain people or groups of people who have been tagged as pioneers for the product. These are the individuals who will eventually create a new form of Smart Asset leading to the formation of a product community within the BANKEX foundation. This point onwards, the product community is in charge of the business development part of the mentioned Smart Asset. The individual who initiates the requested will eventually become the founder of the Asset community. These types of communities are liver nerve of the ecosystem as it performs two important functions- providing evidence for Proof-of-Asset and product expertise in the context of Smart Real disputes.
It isn’t a must to claim for identification of individual members within the Asset Community as they only contribute with their experience and knowledge to the ecosystem.

Foundation Community
This is the community formed by the intervention of business developers and programmers, who have developed interest towards decentralized Blockchain Service Architecture. They responsible for developing revolutionary Smart Contract chains aimed at different No token assets.
It is equally important to analyze the significance of New Smart Asset Type which is an initiation ready program. This code is being developed by third-party experts who belong to the platforms of the foundation community, asset community, and the BANKEX lab. The BANKEX Smart Asset Certification Center guarantees on the quality of this code and the community growth has been assured by this code.

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