The World’s First Ultra-Secure Q.Ratio Market ICO : Bitdepositary

Bitdepositary is the first and largest new generation of QC-community Market ICO with integrated payment solutions. It is designed to make the investment process more secure. The platform is an intermediary and a payment platform for project managers and a large investor community.

Existing problems
There is no doubt that unscrupulous and low-quality ICO projects are still on the market. Perhaps not all of them are fraudulent, but a significant number of them are not able to provide the initial decisions or promises made to the community of crypto-investors. Not only this, but also the majority of ICO in the block space is focused on communications (20.5%, in the amount of> 2 008 000 000 US dollars), finance (15.5%, more than 1 512 000 000 US dollars) and Trading & Investing (10.0%, more than 976 000 000 US dollars) in the first 5 months of 2018, according to CoinSchedule. While other industries receive virtually no funding. At the same time, I add that 434 start-ups raised $ 9.8 billion through initial offers of coins. How many of them will meet expectations? This is a major investment, but there is no certainty that it is really correct.
Within the Bitdepositary space platform, TeamBit operates. This is an organization that includes a group of experts, community leaders, accountants and legal advisers who serve the community of crypto-currency investors. Actions taken by TeamBit provide greater protection against fraud, theft of tokens and incorrect investment decisions.
To date, there are a number of problems in this area:

Prevent theft of the marker. Unfortunately, with the popularity of crypto currency, a huge number of hackers have appeared, so cyber attacks occur regularly.
Identification of fraud. It was difficult to determine worthy ICO. After all, a lot of scammers appeared. Almost 80% are doomed or fraudulent.
Definition of wrong decisions. Greater likelihood of collision with fraudulent or failed companies. Therefore, it is advisable to create a space that will help to make the right decision.
How does Bitdepositary plan to solve these problems?
The platform offers start-ups in these less-funded sectors a chance and get their idea, reviewed by TeamBit, experts and the investor community themselves. Each token of sales passes through the platform system. This reduces the risk of stealing tokens with certain security measures when setting up privileged user accounts. The risk of fraud will be reduced by conducting a unique audit, which consists of lawyers, tax advisors, professionals and community users, all the unifying forces before the adoption of the project.

How it works?
Users receive their tokens free of charge from the project owner if the project successfully achieves softcap. Thus, every company that presents its project must spend tokens on everyone who voted in support of or against the project using the Bitdepositary system.
The project will not be accepted if the points are below the 55% threshold.
Additional platform features:
Integrated payment solutions with a credit card
The user has the opportunity to invest in different currencies in future projects
Multicurrency tokens from successful ICO are included
Credit and credit card
Direct investment in ICO using our wallet solution
Based on Salesforce
Information on the token
BitDepository Token (BDT)
Bitdepositary represents the first ICO crowdfunding platform to provide a secure and easy digital wallet for platform users, allowing them to trade crypto currency or exchange Fiat currency. Bitdepositary will first start with the main cryptoactive assets, such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and Zcash, and much more will follow.

BDT is a token that serves as a reward for users who decide to invest in the early stages of the project before they are accepted into the community. If the project conducts the ICO successfully, the user will be able to invest using other tokens, in addition to the BDT token.

Token Token - BDT

The total volume of issued tokens is 1 billion BDT

Softcap = $ 1 million

Hardcap = $ 50 million

Private pre-sale period:
For sale: 60 million BDT
Minimum investment: $ 500
Cost of the token: 0.05 $
Open pre-sale
For sale: 60 million BDT
Minimum investment: $ 500
Maximum investment: $ 150,000
The cost of the token is 0.05 $
Open sale
For sale: 630 million BDT
Minimal investment: $ 10
Maximum investment: $ 150,000
The cost of the token is 0.10 $

Road map

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