initial situation
Online merchants want to offer their goods or services for a fixed amount, as also preferably independent of any exchange rate or fluctuationrate of the crypto currencies.
Crypto owners are looking for a cheap, simple and fast way to exchange their Cryptos to Fiat/Fiat in Crypto on a simple platform.
Users are looking for possibilities to send their coins quickly to whereever they want to, e.g. for arbitrage, from one account to another users.

The solution – Stable Coin
The 1tU$ coin is linked to the pricing of the US dollar: 1tU$ coin = 1US$
Coin abbreviation: 1tUS
The 1tU$ Coin is a coin with a fast and secure way to send it from one wallet to the next wallet.

How is the coin secured?
All issued coins are hedged with the same amount of US$. The deposit is deposited transparently as a cash deposit in the bank. Transparence: Confirmed weekly by live stream with account access. The money for the 1tUS$ coin is demonstrably fixed invested.
Via the website it is possible to buy and sell the coin for 1US$.
Only when the money in US$ is deposited in the bank account or by the company, new 1tU$ coins will flow onto the market.
The value can only be reduced with regard to the performance of the US$.
This ensures that there is no great volatility. Thus we offer a coin that allows the user to integrate the coin on different platforms and exchangers as a fixed amount e.g. to exchange or use cryptos.

Profit Sharing
There will be 3 Phase of profit sharing.
Pre-ICO 15% per year profitsharing semi anual payment for 5 years
1.Phase ICO 10% per year profitsharing semi anual payment for 3 years
2.Phase ICO 5% per year profitsharing semi anual payment for 3 years
Because of the fact, that the 1tU$ coin can always be exchanged for the equivalent of one US$, there will be of course no price increase after the ICO.
However, the participants of the ICO have the possibility of profit sharing, depending on moment the buyer joined (see allocation above).
In order to be considered for profit sharing, the participant must hold the coins purchased in the ICO for at least 6 months until the ICO is completed and can then sell them after this time whenever they want to and the KYC/AML is done completely.
Participants which sell the coins they purchased in the ICO during the ICO and participates again in the ICO will be removed from the pools and have no entitlement to profit sharing.
Legal advice
Legal protection is the important of any start-up. We are therefore pleased to inform you that 1APayment Holding has
been established and all legal aspects have been clarified with immediate effect since 7 th of May 2018.

The headquarter of the company is in Switzerland. The Holding are located in Germany and Singapur.

Profit Sharing for charity
We have a responsibility to both promote the crypto area and support other social projects.

Because we want to assume our social responsibility, we will distribute 5% of 1tUS profits to initiatives and social projects.

With your help we can support the following global projects, e.g.
kindergartens/schools worldwide, animal projects for the conservation of species, basic care for needy people as
well as initiatives and associations in the crypto area.


Here are the reviews I present to you all in finding information and knowing the 1tUS project currently being run by their team, if there is a lack of explaining this article, do not worry, I have set up a link for you to get accurate information and of course You will be able to speak directly with their founder or team, at the link.

For more information and joining 1tUS social media today please follow the following resources:

WEBSITE – https://1tus.io/
WHITEPAPER – https://www.1tus.io/cms/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/1tUS-COIN_Praesentation1-1.8_EN.pdf
FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/1tusCoin/
TWITTER – https://twitter.com/1tuscoin
TELEGRAM – https://t.me/coin1tUS
INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/1tuscoins/
Bitcointalk ANN – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4316944/
My Bitcointalk profile link - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1182404

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