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The new generation Exchange combines the centralized Exchange and the decentralized vision of becoming a global exchange platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions, focusing on the financial and security benefits of all involved. Mission: Deliver the highest levels of service quality across a broad range of products by delivering innovative, secure and cost-effective solutions to customers and building on development to become the world leader in blockchain solutions

The cryptocurrency markets have grown tremendously in recent years, from a daily trading volume of $ 70 million in January 2015 to more than $ 50 billion in December 2017. Cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular and growing worldwide developed into an increasingly important financial sector. With the development of blockchain technology, many of the existing capabilities of banks, financial institutions, and corporations will be replaced by platforms that can leverage blockchain technology to reduce transaction costs and increase reliability and security. Despite the fact that most cryptocurrencies are backed by decentralized architectures, almost all transactions between currencies take place on centralized exchanges, where the funds must be deposited under the control of the facilitating institution. Recently, decentralized trading platforms have evolved that allow users to trade without the control of their funds. In these systems, transactions are performed by smart contracts in a block chain, eliminating the need for a centralized third party to control user accounts. Smart contracts are too slow to handle the complexity of order placement on the high volume exchanges. If centralized exchanges provide speed and decentralized exchange provides security, then of course the question arises: Can a hybrid system offer the best of both worlds? In this article, we suggest ensuring the optimum mix of speed and safety through decentralized replacement with a fully chain-tuned engine. At the same time, we can maintain the consistent security mechanisms of traditional decentralized exchanges by linking orders with demonstrable deterministic behavior. Abriex Exchange (ABR) is a new decentralized exchange that embodies these ideas. This whitepaper introduces our vision for the ABR platform, the performance benefits of our technical approach. We also discuss our roadmap in the coming months and plan a public token sale. 2. Problems Existing exchanges have some serious problems: 2. 1 Central Exchange This transaction platform is based on the interaction between the user and the server. All assets, history of information and data are stored on several central servers and are

02/2014 - Mt. Gox breaks down. This is mainly due to negligence in security work, irresponsibility to investors. Back then, the world's largest Bitcoin trading platform was stolen by hackers of huge amounts of money, compared to $ 10 billion today. It became the biggest crisis in Bitcoin's financial history.

07/2017 - BTC-E exchange closed. According to the FBI investigation, the main cause is the site administrator's illegal money laundering of up to $ 4 billion. The market plummeted, investors were extremely confused.

07.03.2018, VIA suddenly jumped more than 400%.

03/07/2018 - SYS becomes the most valuable currency in the world at 96 BTC. Few people are interested in these coins and they have very low transactions. Both cases are on the Binace - the world's largest trading platform. It is believed that hackers exploit the vulnerability via APIs to increase the value. The suspicion covers the market. An incident in which a trading exchange participates not only damages individuals or organizations, but also affects the entire market, which is most clearly manifested by the price erosion. At the same time it disturbed the confidence of everyone in the blockchain technology. Capital is not a problem of this technology, but most people are often wrong. When a stockbroker has difficulties, people often accuse the Bitcoin of being hurt painfully. Victims are not only few, are not countable. There are two major players in this mess: external agents (mainly hackers) and internal actors (the developers of the platform). Maybe one day, your wealthy fortune will suddenly be sucked away.

Of course, having all of our transaction and capital information in the hands of the stockbrokers can not guarantee that they are transparent and fair. You can pump, regulate and control prices to make a profit. Most exchanges focus on the design and control of the market. A number of studies have reported fraudulent behavior, the volume of transactions of many major exchanges in the world. So these types of exchanges are like players and users are like players in the games they create. Of course, the house always wins over time.

There is no trading platform for beginners, and that's the point. Transactions are very difficult for them and they are scared. It's no fun to touch every detail; Even some exchanges can not understand even long-term traders how to exchange. But because of the need, they will still do their best to waste and waste a lot of time. In general, the use of a particular trading platform is quite complex and laborious, unlike the iPhone, with only one button, Apple has changed the world. 2.1.5

Fragile law
The Chinese government has issued bans on ICO forms and pre-codec transactions, many of which have reportedly ceased operations. The market is glowing red. The tax rate for virtual currency can be very complex, but the IRS wants some of the profits from the precoding business. As a result, the IRS has needed the Coinbase trading platform in San Francisco to provide commercial information and transaction histories of some US dollar virtual players, including the transfer of taxpayer identifiers, names and locations, birthdays and transaction records, totaling more than $ 20,000 between years In a statement on the website of the Stock Exchange, Coinbase wrote: "On 23.

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Website: https://abriex.com/
Whitepaper: https://abriex.com/ico/images/whitepaperabriex.pdf
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5037209.msg46134217#msg46134217
Telegram: https://t.me/abriexchat

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