ARAW — The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem

ARAW is another online programme that offers online payment services to its clients, by putting together the Ethereum blockchain technology and e-commerce and payment ecosystem. ARAW has its unique structure that gives e-commerce and services providing companies to standardize remuneration programmes as well as make known the usual people to the new economy known as a cryptocurrency.

The solution that ARAW offers to its clients is very clear and can be vividly observed, and it strives to ensure that the cryptocurrency is accessible to the regular individual. To ensure that the desire of its client is effectively met, ARAW has amongst its list of offerings brought to the table, what is called the ARAW Touch and Pay card, this card will be used in concordance with everyday minor payments.
One of the main goals of ARAW is t make payment means easy and convenient around the world by building a decentralized payment ecosystem for online transactions. By so doing ARAW is increasing the blockchain adoption for its consistent users across the globe. ARAW has also built a united ecosystem of rewards which it offers to its clients and also gives them the opportunity to partake of the remuneration process.

Aside from the convenience and ease which ARAW provides, it also created a platform upon which the payer and the payee have the opportunity to benefit from its reward system. With the ARAW rewards system, the companies involved have the ability to further incentive consumption of their service as they give their customers real worth via token distribution and enlarge their former limited market of loyalty- rewards to clients to the next phase.
Amongst the services that ARAW offers its client is the following:

ARAW pay: for online payments
open API platform
ARAW touch and pay card
unified reward system
peer to peer transfer
ARAW mobile wallet
cryptocurrency exchange integration


ARAW has made online day to day transaction and in-store shopping so fast, easy and convenient, that the client does not have to even change their system of shopping or the style used or even understand the complexity of technology. ARAW has the aim of becoming a floating ecosystem with 5 million users who are consistent the world over, who use the ARAW for their daily online shopping, which will eventually result in high liquidity, which will eventually result in high liquidity and usefulness.

ARAW through its unified reward system and payment solution, have been able to reward their online users, this is something that the formerly existing e-Commerce and companies have not been able to do for their customers. Without a doubt, ARAW is the heart of the decentralized payments ecosystem.

Also on the ARAW platforms, the customers, both the individual making Payments and the individual to whom payment is been made to, also brand owners can interact without limitations and this means of interaction is private and confidential, and benefit the parties involved. The ARAW card has similarities with the usual ATM card used by individuals for withdrawals and POS payments, individuals won’t have problems adopting the ARAW means of payment, because its process is what people are already used to, just that ARAW came in an innovative form.
The ARAW token will prove to be a new cryptocurrency for online transactions and payments in the ecosystem, ensuring that merchants and their customers get their optimum satisfaction from the rendered services.


Token Details

Ticker: ARAW
Token type: ERC20ICO
token price: 1 ARAW = $0.01
Total tokens: 5,000,000,000
Available for token sale: 3,500,000,000 (70%)
Whitelist: YES (15 May – 30 June)
Know Your Customer (KYC): YES Pre-sale start date: 1 JULY
Public sale start date: TBD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
Accepts: ETH




For more information:

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