Bitozz — new electronic currency exchange


What is BITOZZ?

BITOZZ is a brand new ecosystem, built to facilitate a market of encrypted derivatives where traders have access to a variety of trading and investment instruments. free, strategic, low risk and seamless.

With the wide range of derivative instruments, BITOZZ offers users the freedom to cover, mirror and diversify their portfolio. Traders of all styles and levels will find their experience, but also allows you to maintain a higher level of personalization control. that experience.

By extending our customers' options, our ecosystem will help decide which strategies are best suited for investing and trading. Greater liquidity in the electronic money market.

Why choose Bitozz Exchange?
Advanced command types allow the negotiation of algorithms (including order, frame order, multiple orders, etc.)

Fence, speculate and diversify your portfolio with our products.

Make the maximum use of 25x without costs (Grants)

Make and complete transactions with our exclusive "point and click" interface.

Perform semi-automated trading strategies with advanced and customizable visual and analytical tools

Learn transactions without real money with the modern Bitozz Exchange Simulator

Enter the cryptic landscape with our ecosystem, regardless of whether you are an investor investor, a professional trader or a neophyte trader.

BITOZZ is a completely new hierarchy of ecosystems where multi-client bases are combined. The module will not only be exchanged on the exchange but also loyal users.

Specializing in blockchain technology and smart bargaining, Bitozz Exchange aims to build a network that can be generated - not just electronic transactions - but less complex and diversified transactions in services.

Problem to be solved
Types of trading orders such as limits and market order.

Implementing many types of advanced commands facilitates transactional algorithms for users.
High shipping costs in margin trading (loans)
As a loan, we aim to eliminate it.

Tool only for the public

Bitozz intends to expand the market by opening hedge funds, ETFs and mutual funds by providing advanced tools.

Lack of exploiting trading options in all electronic money

Bitozz Exchange will not be limited to derivative products; As a one-stop shop user, our customers will be able to take advantage of our trading opportunities.

A high-performance model offers low transaction costs

Although there are many products, tools and services, this is not a commission to purchase the BITOZZ card and discounted transactions for various services using the BITOZZ token of us

Expanded offer of transactional products

Investment and commercial instruments such as derivative products should not be limited to traditional financial markets. BITOZZ is a diversified and diversified financial instrument for trading in future coded resources and opons for all the electronic money listed. in the head

Take on other challenges that traders face

We also have the same passion for solving the challenges that exist in the current cryptographic market. BITOZZ is facing the challenge from an excellent customer service and a variety of cryptographic tools. Customer service on the current account of exponential growth.

This is a reasonable expectation that you will be supported, especially for me. User accounts are blocked for months without any response from customer service. In an emergency, access to funds is easy and these problems need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

One of the best Bitozz Exchange professionals is the pleasant user experience. Of course, a customer support system is essential, but it is useless without sufficient staff and training. The Bitozz client support is short on staff and easy to expand.

The customer support team, seamlessly. These are the most important customer service areas: easy to use system; Full and fully formed support staff; Quick fix for access / account problems; Fast cash withdrawal. Bitozz sets the standard for customer service Bitozz customer support is excessively efficient and easy to expand.

Number of access to the advanced command
All exchanges are focused, focused or decentralized, supporting only certain types of orders such as limit orders, market orders and stop orders. Traders can not keep track of the prices, work all day and night.




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