Muzika - a platform based on blockchain technology for music lovers


The Muzika project strives to drastically change the music industry, where music performers will be rewarded without any intermediaries, and loyal fans will not stand aside and will also be rewarded. In addition, the platform has such a factor as the lack of commission. And this means that absolutely every user can upload their unique content so that anyone can listen to it. As I wrote earlier, the platform will work on blockchain technology. This means that everything will be safe, reliable and transparent. Also, all work is carried out through smart contracts, and this is an important factor.

I want to note that the project is not new, their platform has been working for a long time. And at the same time, it has proven itself well, since there are already 2 million registered users, and from more than 150 countries.


Freedom of action. After the platform is finalized, users will have the opportunity to vote for someone's content, comment on it and put likes.

Market of musical instruments and various services. That is, if you want to buy a musical instrument, you can do it on the platform. It is very convenient and simple. You can also make your choice much faster, since under each tool it will probably be left a comment from a person who has already acquired it. And then you yourself will decide whether to buy this tool or not.

The opportunity to become a sponsor. Any user of the platform can invest money in his idol or another successful musician. And for investing sponsors will be provided some services on the platform that are available only to them.

You can listen to any music and watch online broadcasts.

Competitions for performers. There will be specially created contests where any interested performer can take part. Thus, you can identify talented artists.

ICO Information

Token Symbol - MZK

Standard - ERC20

Total number of tokens - 1,000,000,000 MZK

The main sales will take tokens - 205,000,000

MZK Maximum collection fee - 20,000 ETH

Distribution of proceeds from ICO:

14.5% - Reserved

20.5% - Token Generation

10% - Partnership

10% - Team

5% - Consultants

40% - Ecosystem Award


The Muzika project team is quite young and large. But all already highly qualified specialists. And we see their result of the work ourselves.



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