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SWISS ALPS is a modern cryptocurrency mining method created by a team of blockchain experts, business experts, IT developers, economists, and investment experts, using better, more efficient and renewable methods. All mining equipment is built specifically for operations in the Swiss Alps, according to the project name, Swiss Alps Mining & Energy offers environmentally friendly mining facilities built on buildings not used in the Swiss Alps, using renewable energy technology systems.

Swiss Alps Energy AG provides a decentralized blockchain, infrastructure, and mining facilities through an advanced modular cube system. With the help of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system, energy consumption will be reduced

up to 50% compared to the same installation. Swiss Alps Energy AG is

the first and only company in the world to use the ORC system to recover energy from waste heat from mining facilities.

Swiss Alps Energy — SAE — also offers effective solutions to global mining problems at this time and provides environmentally friendly energy because SAE plans to operate cryptographic farms in the Swiss Alps in 2018 — a pilot project. This garden is located in a building that is no longer used by local farmers. SAE will also operate hydroelectric power plants to generate electricity for crypto extraction.

Blockchain communities around the world face great difficulties due to the high costs of using electronic money and blockchain-based business applications, especially mining that tends to consume a lot of energy, especially on electricity and global warming to recover electricity from the waste heat produced by mining systems, therefore, SWISS ALPS uses environmentally friendly energy and empower buildings that are not used in the Swiss Alps and use them so as not to affect building structures and the environment.


Swiss Alps Mining & Energy has the advantage that its unique position as a provider of advanced blockchain technology and Swiss business applications is to:

Blockchain Marketing Technology and its use for the general public

Providing customers / third parties

Entwickeln develops decentralized infrastructure

Develop your own blockchain

Addressing environmental issues related to crypto mining worldwide

Support the local economy in Switzerland alpine regions and facilitate digital transformation in this area

To be an electricity supplier

Token Details
Ticker: SAM
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.800000 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USD
Bonus program:
Token Price:
Pre-ICO Tier 1 - $0.30
Pre-ICO Tier 2 - $0.40
ICO Tier 1 - $0.50
ICO Tier 2 - $0.60
ICO Tier 3 - $0.70
ICO Tier 4 - $0.80
Token distribution:
50.6% - ICO
9.4% - Pre-ICO
25% - Founders, Partners
8% - Early Angel Token Owners, Advisors
2% - Bounty
5% - Future Contributors
Funds allocation:
60% - Mining Facilities, Hydropower Plants
18% - Administration, Salaries, Rent
10% - Marketing and Promotion Expenditures
5% - Workshop (Cube Construction)
5% - Development, Blockchain, Certific

Token Supply


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