Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. Consumers find a product of interest by visiting the website of the retailer directly or by searching among alternative vendors using a shopping search engine, which displays the same product's availability and pricing at different e-retailers.
The Shopping Industry is predicted to have an annual growth of 21.52% till 2020. This is a booming industry that is wide open for everyone. DEALJOY is here with a privacy-focused global cashback platform designed to connect online shoppers with their favorite merchants to provide instant crypto cashbacks.

Incase you are contemplating on the crypto coin that will be best for your investment. You might have even found yourself investing in one of these Cryptos but you did not gain your profit as you expected because, some developers, after hitting their target and making a huge sum of money, dropped the project, and left investors in the middle of no where. All hopes are not gone. Lets start a new page in you new or next journey to investment for profitable earnings. DEALJOY present a credible investment opportunity we should all invest in.


DEALJOY is universal cash back platform integrated in to blockchain, it’s aim is to connect online shoppers to their producers or whole sellers around of their choice in any part of the world while getting paid instantly with cryptocurrency.
The Platform is built on the Ethereum Blockchain which will make the whole process private, secure, fast and fair. The Blockchain is a secure system and will be useful in keeping the users’ details private and secure.
The Platform will pay cashback in the native Erc20 token Deal tokens. This will make the minimal payouts to have no limits and will astronomically increase the Cashbacks value.

Deejays Platform can be accessed via the web, iOS and Android Apps. The dashboard can make searching for retailers with Cashback offers easy and seamless.

Problem DEALJOY is Providing Solutions to

One of the ways of getting customers is through Affiliate shopping. Users get cash backs for products and services bought. This is a great way of marketing and there’s also room for growth. But with most things, there’s a flaw with how it’s presently run. The traditional payments of cash backs are a drawback to the point of the whole system. How? The Privacy is nothing to write home about before members are paid, they have to hop over lots of bureaucracy, the time it takes to receive the rewards are also not fast enough, sometimes taking months to be delivered. The charges also for payments are cut throat. Before the rewards get to the members that deserve it, the value would have been cut in half or even more. These are the opposite of consumers want. A Platform has to listen to these yearnings and find a solution to these. DealJoy Provides solutions to these problems

Solution Provided by DEALJOY

This platform is offering quite a unique solution for this problem. It is paying the cashback commissions in its patent Ethereum compatible DEAL tokens. Every buyer will use the DEAL tokens instead of using the fiat currency. It will allow the buyers to focus more on deals and discounts rather than concerning about sharing personal information and paying excessive fees over the real price of the product. The cashback percentage will be quite high and every customer will save a lot of money on buying products online.

This platform will pay cashbacks almost immediately in the wallet provided to the customer for holding the DEAL tokens. The users can hold their tokens and trade them for other cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges.


The Dealjoy platform will include product and category-specific deals for our members to benefit from. These deals will be available on the DealFeed, which will be integrated into the platform.


DealFeed is a whole new gamelike way to find and browse customized deals and offers by swiping. It is powered by the Dealjoy Matchmaking Algorithm (DMA) which utilizes machine learning and customer preferences to create a customer-specific stream of interesting daily changing deals. These specific deals are obtained directly from the collaborating vendors and will offer our users even higher cashback rates.


DealShop is a fully integrated online shop, including a variety of products, services, and gift vouchers from our partnering online shops. Orders made in DealShop can be paid exclusively in DEAL tokens, providing exciting real-world utility into the DEAL token ecosystem. Using DealShop doesn’t require tokens used for payment to be acquired through our cashback program; anyone can buy DEAL tokens from external exchanges and spend them on DealShop.

How it works

With the Dealjoy platform, one can enjoy various arrays of Cashback benefits by simply downloading the Dealjoy app which can be linked to a personal wallet and from there, shop on the go in the various online stores that comes in handy with the Application. Stores like, AliEXpress, eBay, Nike, Philips, among others can be accessed through this app. This is made possible using their Ethereum compatible DEAL TOKEN.


When DEAL JOY is compared to other cash back industries, DEAL JOY has many advantages over the existing ones. Such as:

  • Minimum payment time: with DEALJOY platform there is no minimum amount a customer can be paid as low as $0.1 if that’s what he/she deserves.

  • Collection and storage of personal information: DEALJOY operates on a Decentralize platform so there is absolutely no need for customers data to be stored, the system does not have any business with customers data.

  • Global recognition: unlike other cash back systems, DEALJOY intergration into the blockchain will give any one in any part of the world to access the platform, shop and get cash back.

  • Making payments with crryuptocurrency intead of fiat currency. With DEALJOY platform, customer’s cash back is paid both in cryptocurrency.

  • Other rewards paid on the platform: these rewards include rewards for being a user of the DEALJOY platform.

  • The industry appreciating with the growth of the platform: DEA JOY will expand his business as more

  • Integrating different shops: with DEALJOY different shops are integrated together using the blockchain technology.

  • Organizing projects to carry the community along: ON DEALJOY platform, there will be community driven project that will enable users / community members to benefit from the profits on the platform. This is not applicable to other cash back industries.


The DEAL token is an ERC20-standardized token implemented on the Ethereum network. The platform was chosen for its broad adoption, fast transfers, and cheap transaction costs. Using ERC20 standard helps DEAL token to achieve a high adoption among external exchanges and the community.

Token symbol DEAL
Max total supply 1,400,000,000 DEAL
Token standard ERC20
Initial rate 1 ETH = 40,000 DEAL
Tokens for sale 980,000,000 DEAL (70%)
Soft Cap $1,700,000.00
Hard Cap $8,400,000.00
The public pre-sale is scheduled for August 2018.



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