Do you know that market cap of pandacoin(PND) reaches $5.6 milion

Pandacoin (PND) rose by 43.08% in U.S. dollars on the last day of the close at 23:50 U.S. Eastern time on July 1. The current market value of Panda coins is US$5,641,826 and the 24-hour trading volume is approximately US$1,618. In the past seven days, the exchange rate of Pandacoin against the US dollar has risen by 26.08%, and it has changed by -0.12% in the past hour.

Pandacoin has no owner or CEO. But there is a development team of more than 10 people (growing) that has contributed a lot of time to this project, but there is almost no compensation. If you are the person who participated in the coin from the beginning, you will know that it has a fair release mechanism, no pre-mining, no ICO. Pandacoin is one of the rare honest and fair securities
Pandacoin features

  1. Quick transaction
    Compared with traditional money, money can be sent to anywhere in the world fastly. Use Bitcoin transactions, and it is visible within 10 minutes and is often accepted within an hour. But, if you use Pandacoin transactions, it is visible within just a few seconds and often accepted within 10 minutes.
  2. Global mass appeal
    The positioning of Pandacoin is to cover mainstream users from multiple segment market and culture through eliminating the high threshold of entering the fast-paced and complex world of decentralized encrypted currencies.
    Pandacoin has a mobile storage and transmission solution, equipped with a full-featured independent mobile and tablet PandaWallet. PandaWallet is very convenient, because you can carry some Pandacoins with you and you can transfer or make payments wherever you go.
    Pandacoin is easy to use. You can download PandaBank to store your Pandacoins. Send and receive PandaCoin quickly and easily with your Pandabank
    How can I buy pandacoin
    Anyone can buy PNDs on the exchange, such as Cryptopia, Yobit, Novaexchange, BitTrex, BXinth,
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