Ethereum network congestion, its developers accuse eos

According to DApp developers, EOS is attacking Ethereum and is trying to raise the transaction fee to $1. Relevant developers accused EOS of causing Internet congestion in the Ethereum through random token airdrops. These tokens are not supported by any project.
One thing seems very obvious. Since the launch of the EOS platform on June 6, a large number of token "airdrops" have caused Gas prices to rise. These random tokens are huge, some are website templates that are designed in just a few hours, and some even have no website. However, these tokens consume hundreds of Ethereums every day, and tens of thousands of dollars are spent on these airdrops. It is worth noting that EOS tried an "Ethereum attack" when it officially launched the main network on June 6. It also caused the price of Gas to rise, but they quickly stopped, and then the price of Gas fell back to normal level. On June 25th, the Ethereum network once again became crowded because of “a very special way”, which immediately led to the price of Gas exceeding the normal level.
According to Justo, he traced to one of the tokens, iFishYunYu, which had no function at all and was completely useless. And the funding support comes from an address that receives a lot of EOS tokens, and another random token agency, Hashcoin, is also consuming 20% of the Ethernet network. Currently, eos coin price usd is $8.54 and suspects that the “trash coins” on the Ethereum network are related to each other, and that those who have bought EOS tokens are funding the random tokens on the Ethereum network.
Is iFishYunYu really nothing?
Zhang Haihui, head of iFishYunYu, said: At this stage, iFishYunYu has access to more than a dozen casual games. In the future, iFishYunYu will access more games, and use the cloud game's own game chain in the payment links and props storage of these games. Multiple links. At present, iFishYunYu platform has reached a million attention, and active users are around 40,000 to 50,000.
In December last year, when the “Encryption Cat” game was popular, the Ethereum network needed to process about 1.4 million transactions per day, when the charge was less than $1. Now, there are only 500,000 transactions in Ethereum, and the cost has started to soar.
Here is 1 ethereum to usd chart

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