LIQNET. Crypto exchange

To create a suitable and reliable system of crypto-exchanges, which is now very important due to their diversity and the division of liquidity, it is necessary to solve the problem of bringing the crypto-market to the unified mechanism of their activity.

LIQNET is a multifunctional crypto exchange based on Blockchain technology, which is designed to solve the above problem.

The LIQNET exchange platform is created with the help of the unique LEN (LIQUIDITY EXCHANGE NETWORK) technology, which collects data on purchase / sale orders through API from various exchanges, and provides users with the most favorable price for trades, forming a single order book (An order book is a scheme of applications for the acquisition and sale of crypto-currencies on the exchange).
LEN (LIQUIDITY EXCHANGE NETWORK) mechanism is a unique development that consists of three services:

  1. Assembling information from various exchanges;
  2. Automatic service of accounting and information distribution;
  3. An automatic trading system that provides all customers with insurance against losses.
    This service will unite into a common exchange of users and their assets around the world. This minimizes the division of liquidity.

    The interface of the LIQNET platform is convenient, and also very reliable, as this system has undergone thorough testing.
    Absolutely for all users it is possible to test the beta version of the platform on the site where you can register a private account to enter your personal cabinet.

Inside the LIQNET platform, a token of LEN own development, priced at 1 USD, will operate. Token LEN is based on the ERC20 standard, and has a limited emission. The maximum amount of LEN tokens is: 63 746 032 coins.
ICO will take place in July 2018.


The LIQNET platform has a number of advantages that should be given special attention:
- A unique professional web terminal that provides traders with charts and graphs with a wide range of tools for technical analysis.
- Deep market for large transactions.
- Multifunctional trading platform with the best optimal price and minimal spreads, which is available for downloading on iOS and Android systems.
- Optimal system for storing and accounting for crypto currency, which analyzes all current assets, and also allows you to instantly exchange the crypto currency between LIQNET and other exchanges.
- Full-featured acquiring service, which provides many opportunities for sellers, and minimizes risks.
- Complete security, which is ensured by the fact that the resources of users of this platform are stored in several places, which reduces the risk of fraud and theft.

    Project **LIQNET** was founded in 2015. The company is registered at the address in Singapore (10 Maxwell Road, Singapore).  

Developers from various business sectors with vast experience work on optimizing the LIQNET platform.
The founder and CEO of the company is Roman Shirokov. He has more than 9 years of experience in finance, stock and currency markets. The co-founders of the project are Vyacheslav Kasatkin and Evgeniy Tarasenko.

LIQNET has its own website There you can find all information about the project and its technical characteristics. Also on the site there is a support service that works around the clock and instantly answers all questions that interest you.
More detailed information about the LIQNET project can be found on the following links:

ICO Website:
Exchange Website
Official Telegram Channel:
Telegram Community Discussion:
Agreement on the sale of tokens:
International agreement for users:
Privacy Policy:
The policy of collecting and storing user data:
FATF policy:
Rules for working with electronic signatures:


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