FlyCARE provides for any care providers a contact project in conjunction with the program, and thanks to flyBOX, the materials for the expense that are needed to offer such services.

The creators of the project are Bruno Lamoureux and Dieter Bauch. They started the platform when working together with European and American employees. It was around 2017. FlyCARE is a firm that has registered a couple of years of research and development under the Belgian law. Initially, the main function of FlyCARE was to facilitate access to the provision of medical care.

FlyCARE is trying to overcome the obstacles that interfere with the basics of health and meduzhoda during the performance of their functions, which are mainly related to accessibility. This project responds to the need to get care in other regions than the ordinary ones, that is, in regions that the patient chose, for example, at home.

HAPPYfly (patient or customer): using its own smartphone, the customer selects from the range of services a qualified and specialist in their field, who will arrive at the customer's house and provide all the necessary services.

flyPRO (master): FlyCARE offers the master any materials that he needs to carry out his work, it seems flyBOX is created only for the work of masters, and on the other hand this project requires the costs necessary for its work. In addition, this platform allows the master to manage his customers and prepare a summons for the whole day.

Benefits https://flycare.com:

  • Integrity here you can be calm, since tokens are safe, because with unauthorized access there is a high level of tracking payments, in which it is impossible to penetrate an unauthorized person into your office.
  • Automatic checks can automatically check the terms of any contract for maintenance to ensure that the conditions turn out to be real.
  • The use of smart contracts does not leave room for fraudulent action, reducing any forgery.
  • The transparency and fidelity provided by the blocking system will not allow any errors to be committed in the transaction of settlement or association.
  • Qualitative design and hygiene can facilitate a comfortable for visitors module for doctors to use when driving.

With the help of Ethereum technology, which allows you to prepare a ERC 20 token, the FlyCARE project applies FCC tokens as payment tools. Implement all the incentives necessary to ensure that any manipulation in this ecosystem is the result of FCC tokens.

To provide visitors with instant and completely free transactions FlyCARE is applied to the 2nd category of Raiden. The dignity that this technology provides is an increased safety category than the one that was open on an ordinary detachment.

The ecosystem will be easy, completely safe and instant.
FlyCARE guests will be able to:

  • Manage your own deposits on cryptocurrency accounts;
  • Watch your own wallet;
  • To send and have a digital currency.

The money collected for the ICO project is used only to prepare and increase the company this is the creation of a project, marketing, legal coverage and guaranteeing of daily working materials.

Operating deposits reach about 30 percent. Contributions for the creation of 15 percent will cover the needs that are relevant to the deployment of the program and new technologies. The cost of marketing is 50 percent.

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