Mozo is a blockchain-based solution for venues and retailers to increase and control foot traffic at offline stores!

Hello again. In the first part of the review, we examined the essence of the MOZO project, the principle of its operation and the scope of application. Now let's examine how his economy will work, and whether the startup team can create a working product.

The platform will use the ERC-20 token, which can be purchased at the ICO, and after the end of the kratseil on the project site and the cryptocurrency exchanges. This is the domestic currency of the platform, which serves financial payments and is issued as a reward to visitors and buyers. MOZO tokens can be used for:

  • purchases of goods and services;
  • access to auction goods;
  • receiving discounts, bonuses, points of loyalty;
  • exchange for ether and bitcoins;
  • trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The ecosystem will use the token on a global level, which will save users from the need to "collect" discount cards, sign-ups on sites and bonus programs all this will replace the smartphone with the MOZO application.

The composition of the MOZO startup is impressive with experience and professionalism, so it's hardly worth worrying about the product's implementation. As well as for the success of the startup itself it has a great idea and there are already enough partners who have confirmed their desire to use the technology of the project. It remains to wait, when everything is done and downloaded to your smartphone application MOZO. At first, the Mozo platform will use Ethereum blockchain for transactions, but then it will go to its own blockchain: Solo is a completely new DAG network for peer-to-peer transactions.

Crowdsdale: from July 23 to July 30, 2018
Price of the Token: US 0.09
Allocated for sale: 700 million tokens.
Hardcap: 42 million US dollars.

Second stage:
Crowdsale: Approximate date is Q4 2018.
Price of the token: US 0.12
Allocated for sale: 550 million tokens.
Hardcap of the second round: 46 million
Deposit: ETH and BTC
Token: MOZO
Total will be issued: 5,000,000,000 tokens
Total Hardcap: 88 million

At the crowdsdale, a bonus is given to buyers, depending on the amount of the investment:

  • 20% when buying 50 ETH 5 BTC or more than one transaction!
  • 10% when buying 1 ETH 0.1 BTC or more than one transaction!
    The bonus is not available for purchases less than 1 ETH 0.1 BTC.
    1 ETH 5,200 Mozo 1 BTC 80,200 Mozo (the ratio will depend on the average prices of the air and bitkoyna per week)

Important! The Mozo platform reached an agreement on listing the token from one of the largest Korean exchanges CoinRail. The listing date is August 8, 2018. At first, the Mozo platform will use Ethereum blockchain for transactions, but then it will go to its own blockchain: Solo is a completely new DAG network for peer-to-peer transactions.

This project seems to me quite interesting, and its future can be quite successful, with proper implementation. Mozo token holders have a chance to take advantage of the great advantages, since the best time to buy a Mozo token is during the current ICO, since the tokens will be much more expensive after the ICO ends, because the token will get currency stability, which will make the token more expensive to access.



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