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"Winstars" is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of gambling resources, the core is built on Blockchain and smart contracts. ICO LIVE!

In recent years, an increasing number of people have shown interest in various gambling games. The growth in the volume of this market is more than 9%, which exceeds the increase in the GDP of some countries. According to the assessment of analytical companies, only now the turnover of money in this sphere is more than 200 billion dollars. Especially rapidly developing gambling on the Internet. However, as the number of gambling sites and their visitors increases, more and more problems are coming to the fore that can not be solved with the help of existing tools that are typical for centralized systems. Therefore, there are decentralized projects dedicated to online casinos and related areas. One of these projects is Winstar, whose authors want to offer their gambling operators a completely transparent, secure and anonymous platform based on blockchain technology. Its users will be able to satisfy their passion for excitement, without fear of abuse by online casinos. And the latter, in turn, will have access to a greater number of players, will be able to expand their activities and make the work more profitable.

According to the idea of its developers, Winstars is a project that will replace local operators of online gambling and will take the place of the central platform serving all players and online casinos in the world. Thanks to decentralization and other features of the blockchain technology, the project will allow participants to gamble in the casino and bet on sports and other events regardless of their location and available money. Using smart contracts will ensure fair distribution of wins thanks to the guaranteed operation of random number generators in gaming automatic machines, roulettes, poker tables and so on. In addition, the use of blockchain equipment will allow operators to enter the international market and use a universal settlement system that does not depend on the national currency and the financial policies of a particular state. A single means of payment will be the "WINS" token, which platform users receive without paying any taxes, fees or other mandatory payments. Blockchain technology provides complete anonymity of participants. They will be able to bet and get a win for them without commissions from the banking institutions. The user ID in the platform will be the address of his wallet, and for cashing it is supposed to use various ways of outputting cryptocurrency into fiat money through exchanges and other specialized sites.

The main way of settlements between Winstars platform members will be internal WINS tokens. In the framework of the primary placement, it is planned to issue tokens for 150 million pieces. At the preliminary stage, they will be sold at a price of 0.16, later - 0.20 cents for one. The funds collected on the basis of preliminary sales will be used to launch the platform, pay workers, form a game fund and pay for referral programs. In the preliminary ICO, the authors of the project expect to achieve a soft-cap of $ 500,000, during the main stage of the sale tokens - 5 million US dollars. Subsequently, platform participants will be able to receive WINS as payment for the played bets, as well as other active actions in the platform - attracting other party s, actions aimed at advertising the platform and so on.

The goal of the project is to create a completely independent, international and transparent platform for online casinos, bookmakers and their clients, which will also be interesting enough for gamblers. Becoming a participant, they will be able to bet on events and gambling, without fear of violations by the operators. A single payment system will allow a legitimate way to circumvent the limitations inherent in centralized systems around the world. The final conclusion about the possibility of developing Winstars to take a prominent place in the gambling market can be made later, when the authors implement at least part of the ideas laid down in whitepaper.
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