Cryptonity could be a combination of 2 words: Crypto and Community.
Simple however powerful and meaty, our goal is to become associate exchange that's revered by the Cryptocurrency Community. we tend to aim to supply the foremost comprehensive, safe, clear and cooperative exchange platform on the market.
We want to bring a decent ambience to Crypto World, violating the 'profit only' policy of most exchanges.

With the increasing variety of users and extension contingents involved, most industries increase the quantity of services, permitting numerous treatments with coins. during this project, the utmost quality is captured by the crypto-currency-exchange currency mercantilism platform, during a method that anyone should buy or sell crypto currencies.
A comprehensive CRIPON
"Cryptosystem" MAIN options
Provides our users the foremost applied science and superior mercantilism tools.
Users United Nations agency have our Token Cryptonity (XNY) area unit given the bottom value on the market.
We conceive to develop our own Blockchain and localised exchanges with the participation of our community through valued programs.
The platform's work is created in accordance with ancient exchange schemes: quality costs rely on demand and necessities, that area unit fashioned by the worth of orders for purchases or sales. The distinction isn't solely in Proviant, what's mercantilism merchant, however within the ability to enter - there's no needed agent or special proof, sufficient registration on the cryptocurrency stock market web site and charging Nemer.

What concerning the formation of a cryptocurrency exchange that's not weak isn't a simple goal, however associate exchange, that provides complete tools and functions is taken into account the foremost tough drawback. i would like to present you a Cryptonity company, this project works with cryptocurrency as a merchant and manual laborer, there's associate intensive user platform required to make the currency exchange that you simply area unit looking ahead to.
From our perspective, we glance at 2 completely different classes of cryptocurrency exchanges: massive players on the one hand, and challengers on the opposite.
People who we tend to subjectively decision challengers do not care concerning their users or customers, and do not appear to stress concerning their quality.
The majority of them register all the coins that receive to buy their big-ticket fees, and that is all.
They don't act with their customers, do not create any enhancements (like upgrading the UI version), and solely target maximising their financial gain.
They are fairly often not clear at that time, sometimes, for us, it's laborious to know however some users will trust them and have interaction their cash on the exchange.
We think that is as a result of some "low hat" EL coins area unit solely accessible on the exchange.

Regarding massive players, we tend to even have several queries. area unit they real companies? area unit they
arranged? Do they need plans to support FIAT? Do they need a bank account? wherever area unit they
based? Is their platform extremely safe? Is there insurance if our cash is stolen? will we tend to
talk to somebody on a live chat? will we tend to decision them in associate emergency? and also the list continues. At the
end of the day, everything is expounded to security and transparency problems. this is often truly worse for big
players as a result of they're the most target for hackers and thieves.
We can write books concerning issues associated with the exchange of crypto currencies, and people mentioned
above area unit simply some of the long lists of things that the market will do higher. At an equivalent time,
we perceive that finishing up exchanges involves several challenges and risks. additionally to security and
transparency problems, we tend to additionally concentrate to problems associated with user expertise, like lack of
tool mercantilism , inadequate language support, slow withdrawal processes, etc.

At Cryptonity , we tend to aim to supply the foremost comprehensive, safe, clear and cooperative exchange platform on the market.
One key side of our project is security.
We want to present our users the safest mercantilism platform.
To achieve this goal, we are going to work with illustrious security specialists on the market, audited double a year by freelance security firms, and communicate our audit results to any or all our users. Our security partners are mentioned on our web site.
To go additional to ensure our users the safest mercantilism expertise, we are going to prepare associate contract to come back our users within the event of a loss, because of associate attack.
You will notice additional details concerning our contract below, within the Exchange Principles section.

Another vital side is cooperative interaction with our users.
It is additional natural for US to involve our users within the evolution of our platform.
We can have numerous communication channels that area unit hospitable act with our users and that we will guarantee to retort to our user requests as before long as potential.
We want our community to be concerned within the evolution of the platform, in terms of options to be developed, coins to register, and so on.
The "Feature Request" operate are applied for users to send options they require to examine on the platform.

Last however not least, we are going to create each effort to supply our users with a comprehensive and applied science
set of mercantilism tools, together with an outsized variety of languages.
We invite you to find out concerning the most options that Cryptonity can give.

TOKEN Specifications
We will issue our own token, known as Cryptonity Token, with the XNY ticker.
Our Cryptonity Token can instantly die on the Ethereum Blockchain. we tend to conceive to develop our own Blockchain within the close to future and that we can begin engaged on it as before long as our Token Sales area unit complete.
We will issue a hard and fast quantity of a hundred million (one hundred million) Cryptonity Tokens.
We will ne'er increase that quantity or purchase our Tokens.
Manipulating our tokens like reducing total provide to form deflation is contrary to our moral policies and also the worst thanks to get respect from the general public, ancient markets and regulators.
We don't need to use practices that contribute to giving a nasty image to the crypto market that undoubtedly does not would like it.
The Cryptonity token are a utility token and also the value should be associated with the utility. Our tokens can offer the owner a five hundredth period of time discount for the Cryptonity Exchange fee.
This will additionally permit the owner to require half in special options like voice for "Coin of the Month". decide additional details concerning our prices within the "Economic Schemes" section.

Token image Details : XNY
Token Type: ERC20
Total provide Token: a hundred,000,000
Token Price: zero.23 $
Minimum Transaction: zero.05 ETH
Minimum Target: five hundred,000 $
Maximum Purpose: twenty,120,000 $
General Sales one Starting: thirty one October 2018
General Sales Final 1: thirty Gregorian calendar month 2018
General Sales a pair of Starting: thirty Nov 2018
General Sales a pair of End: fourteen Gregorian calendar month 2018
General Sales three Starting: fourteen Gregorian calendar month 2018
Public Sales three End: thirty one Dec 2018
Sales of our Tokens are tired some crypto currencies namely: Bitcoin, Bitcoin money, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Binance Coin.
Our Token sales are opened for two months (61 days to be additional precise).
All investors should complete the registration "Know Your Customers" (KYC) so as to withdraw their tokens.
For additional elaborated info, visit the link below:

Telegram: https : //



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