ARGENTAS: A World Of Endless Financial Possibilities



Have you ever thought about a world where your mobile devices can used to carry out both mobile banking, internet banking, cryptocurrency banking as well as digitalised exchange that are both centralised and decentralised? A world where you can perform international transactions with the speed of light and with a transcftion cost smaller than a cent?, a world with unlimited access to banking credits and cryptocurrency credits, investments opportunities that are both institutionalized with little or no interference from the government? A world where everything is simple, safe, transparent, easy to use and above all a user friendly interface? That is what ARGENTAS is offering you today, A world of endless financial possibilities.

What Is The Argentas Platform About?
Argentas is an amazing blockchain project which plans to develop a worldwide financial system which will utilised the HydraNet blockchain, to organize interfaces and with the possibility of creating a decentralized application economy. Hydra Network gives scalability, transparency and a decentralized blockchain ecosystem. Argentas is decentralizing the incorporated system that can be used for managing accounts system and is developing the primary at any point decentralized open worldwide monetary system for the users. HydraNet will comprise of its own cash which will be utilized on Hydra Network blockchain.

The Current Challenges

Development of banks this new age, easy access to digital assets, not forgetting the ability to simply enter and show both fiat and digital cash. Making included an incentive by dispensing with fake obstructions, which will without a doubt turn into the premise of new cryptoeconomics.

The issue of worldwide access to money related assets. There is the undertaking of dispensing with bad form, for instance, as financing costs forced by national banks: as of now, in some developing nations, credit rates surpass half per annum, which essentially solidifies their development and makes them totally uncompetitive in the worldwide market.

The issue of costly and moderate cash exchanges. Notwithstanding the way that there are as of now a considerable measure of projects attempting to take care of this issue. Also, in the field of global installments, the "dinosaur" SWIFT, with an old system of journalist banks and a staggeringly high commission, is as yet prevailing.

Argentas Solutions With HydraNet

Blockchain is fit for tackling these issues with its propelled features like straightforwardness, permanence, security and so forth. Argentas will alter the worldwide installments and saving money system with the assistance of its HydraNet blockchain technology.

The HydraNet Platform

Argentas develops a platform that will incorporate exchanges, wallets and different interfaces inside HydraNet. It will end up being a progressive technology.

The native 2.0 gen blockchain HYDRANET with a transmission capacity of up to a million exchanges for each second, the issue of scalability will be unraveled by executing the Lightnig Network (smart information exchange over the primary blockchain) and Smart Sharding. After the dispatch of Hydranet (the alpha version will be propelled in the principal quarter of 2019), the group additionally plans to develop "assurance against a quantum computer", which, under states of always quickening innovative advancement, is vital.

ICO information

AXU Token is tagged during presale @2.5 AXU per 1XLM, that is to say 0.12$ equals 2.5 AXU. Presale started on the 8th of June 2018 with a percentage bonus of 50% for every amount of AXU bought during the presale. The presale hardcap was pegged at 100,000,000 AXU. Crowdsale is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018, it is planned to place 600,000,000 AXU for sale.

Token Details
Token – AXU
Total Supply – 1 Billion AXU
Price – $0.12 USD
Hard Cap – $12M USD

More information about the Argentas project check out:

White paper (Github):
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Authors Details
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Eth Address: 0xA9334e54F7627332bC581d6dd6fD94aB79b39E55

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