Blokchain - what is it and why is it needed? opinion and opportunities

Everyone understands that sooner or later the market will find a point of equilibrium.

There will be no such demand, which can raise quotes by 40-50% per day.
And, as the philosophy of the game in pump and dump says, the main volume of trades will be for ordinary people who are late with the purchase, well, or for too greedy players.

I'm always interested in the question: what will huge capitals do? I'm talking about businessmen who made billions on business, not on crypto-currencies. It seems to me that fast crypto money, which managed to earn hundreds of bitcoin supporters, will leave as quickly. So the opinions of top managers of investment banks and management companies do not have a strong impact on the behavior of the price of digital money, but that's for now. The crowd is absolutely uninteresting opinion of a man who for several decades manages tens of billions of dollars. But they already give valuable information right now.

I watched the interview of the manager of the investment company Rockefeller capital Eric Schatzker on youtube. If I heard about Shatsker for the first time, then the name Rockefeller is known all over the world. It's clear how cool this guy is. He said that blocking technology is very interesting and steep, and he called bitcoin a bubble.

Let's move away from the topic. The concept of the trend is familiar to many, not even from trading. We know that there are trend clothes, gadgets, etc. The markets also have their own trends.

In the 1970s, after the US dollar lost its collateral in the form of gold, it was this metal that was actively buying up. There were many opponents of this reform, so people tried to protect their means. In February 1970, for an ounce, gold was given $ 35. In 10 years - already 800. In 2012 - more than 1900.

In the 90s, the IT sector was actively growing. The behavior of Microsoft shares about this burns very clearly. In the 90th year for 1 share was given a little over 60 cents. In December, the 99th - almost 60 dollars. Growth is more than 9000%. Then there was a collapse.

After the financial crisis of 2008, the IT sector started to grow again. A decade of time made Apple more expensive 2.5 times, and the site for Internet trading Amazone from the level of $ 40 per share rose to $ 1200.

I do not undertake the ability to prophesy, but blockade as technology can really improve many areas of society. For example, notary services. You need a power of attorney (for example, your friend to pick up a parcel in your mail on your behalf), but it is needed by 9:00 on Monday, and now it's 00:35 of that day. With a slight movement of the hand, you identify yourself in the locker of the notary's office and issue a power of attorney to your friend. Fast. Cheap.

Most likely, intelligent programmers will unite in cartels, search for investors and create their own companies, whose shares will be traded on the stock exchange. And people like Shatsker will buy them in large numbers.

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