The Fever about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. Cryptocurrencies and asset exchange is the widest platform to buy and sell digital assets, and although exchanges constantly evolve and improve, there are challenges and problems that must be critically looked into.
The need for a better and more secure, simple to use and trustworthy digital assets exchange platform has been an issue in the cryptocurrency sphere for some time now; and that is why I believe you need to pay attention to this project.

ChangeNow is an instant exchange platform built with the interest of users in mind to secure a safe, simple and convenient exchange environment where user can freely control all process involved in a cryptocurrency transaction. ChangeNow is also a user experience platform that deducts no hiden fees and also keeps to the timing of transactions without any form of delay.

🔽The current centralized custodial exchanges always keep users at risk as exchanges hold funds and enforce regulations on users.
🔽Security issues: Custodial exchanges are always attractive to hackers and cyber attack because they hold funds and user private keys. That way, a hack can collapse all the system and even without that, these custodial exchanges still suffer from human errors and technological failure.
🔽Lack of Transparency in the custodial exchange process because these platforms secretly run all transactions in a manner which leave room for distrust, and fraud.
🔽Poor customer service by support by custodial support teams in the form of long response time, helplessness in case of financial complications.
🔽Freedom of use as inexperienced and normal users find exchange technology hard to use.

The anonymity provided by ChangeNOW is definitely a key benefit for users who are afraid of their sensitive personal data being leaked. The fact that users do not have to create an account to exchange cryptocurrency also makes it much faster to use than similar services. The ease of use is also convenient, as all users need to exchange cryptocurrency tokens is a digital wallet or a payment card like Visa or MasterCard. ChangeNOW also finds the best exchange rate on behalf of their users, so it saves a lot of time on research. The fees charged by ChangeNOW is only 0.5%, which automatically added to the exchange rate. This makes ChangeNOW very competitive compared to similar platforms.

The relevance of any project can be measured by it’s ability to solve problems. The CHANGENOW project is structured to take all the sophistication of transacting digital assets into the backend to offer an extremely simple, portable, secure & technically robust exchange platform. It offers all the capabilities of a traditional cryptocurrency exchange, but with many more benefits. The transaction fees are cheap, the exchanges happen quickly, and no account needs to be created to start using the service.
I will like to state at this point that the ideas presented in this article are just a small portion of the possibilities which the CHANGENOW project is bringing to the table. I strongly recommend everyone to read through the Whitepaper, or consult any of the channels below for a better grasp of this prodigious project.








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