Blockchain has gained huge acceptance in recent years, and a lot of companies, businesses and emerging projects are leveraging on this decentralized, next generation technology to drive their ideas to the next level.
I have been an ardent follower of blockchain, cryptocurrrencies and crypto powered projects for about 3 years now, and there’s this unique, ground breaking project I'll like to share with you. It is the WPPEnergy project.
In the world today, most places have high level of pollution especially in the cities. So much gas is let out of manufacturing machines thereby endangering lives. Now, the price of electricity is becoming so high, and this gases that are emitted constantly, by these manufacturing plants can be transformed to better uses; like to reduce the cost of electricity .
What a great idea if power can be sourced from these life threatening waste products. This will be like killing two giant birds with one stone and this is what the WPPEnergy project is about.


WPP ENERGY’S Green Energy Platform is being created to reduce the cost of green energy globally, initially, through the use of WPP’s technologies, partnerships, licenses, affiliates and third-party relationships.
WPP will deploy a number of energy solutions including: Waste to Energy Power Plants, Hydro Electric Power Plants, Biomass Power Plants, HHO Mobile Power Stations or HHO Power Plant Conversions, Solar Power, Construction of Green Villages or Smart Cities and Agricultural Towers.
WPP ENERGY will deploy the most powerful advanced technologies globally assisting second and third world countries to have new opportunities to address their considerable housing and energy problems. WPP is taking a major step by contributing a percentage of overall WPPCOIN profits to facilitate an increase in power production as a Humanitarian Aid to countries with the greatest needs, particulary those in Africa.
Starting in December 2018. WPP ENERGY has signed contracts with numerous countries around the world on a federal government level for the production of green energy for a continuous 35 year period.
WPP’s signed government contracts business is ever expanding and will include upcoming announcements in several areas including the future creation of entire green villages and cities to house up to 200,000 people, constructed in just two years, and vertical agricultural greenhouse towers.

WPP Energy 'S Green Energy Platform is actually being produced to bring down the price of environmentally friendly energy globally, at first, through the usage of WPP's technologies, licenses, partnerships, affiliates and third party relationships.


The WPPEnergy Exchange Platform is actually a soon to be released cryptocurrency exchange with a focus on crypto-to-crypto trading of electrical power and crypto mining cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. This can lead to increased liquidity for those participating cryptocurrencies by allowing the different currencies to trade against each other. A minimum of twenty various energy connected cryptocurrencies are going to be tradable in the platform.


🔑The platform is going to be utilized to offer twenty unique sources of renewable energy;
🔑All participants of transactions will have the ability to rely on optimum liquidity;
🔑No substantial fees - there aren't any intermediaries, which enables you to considerably lower the price of specific transactions;
🔑Trading operations are going to be secure and operational extremely, because of the usage of a blockade;
🔑Internal wallets, which reliably keeps the projects' tokens and timely performs any needed transactions;
🔑Advanced security methods which guarantee the dependable protection of people from scammers;
🔑The project will develop, there'll be new readily available for auction cryptocurrencies.


WPPEnergy TOKEN Total SUPPLY: five Billion Tokens Private Sale Price: 1dolar1 0.16
Pre ITO Sale Price: 1dolar1 0.20
Pre ITO Sale Terms: flat rate which doesn't change over the sixty-two days, commencing July 1st and ending sixty-two days later on September 1st.
The goal of the Pre ITO sale is actually commencing development of the 2 digital blockchain platforms as well as to release the Green Energy Rebate program. WPP Energy thinks that the cryptocurrency initiative of ours needs to be self-funding.
The ITO crowd sale which follows will increase capital on a bigger scale to accelerate deployment of our three physical HHO energy solutions around the planet as well as to invest in the government projects business of ours as well as build out our 2 digital platforms.
Details of the Crowdsale of ours (which follows the Pre Sale) will be released soon and our whitepaper and website are going to be updated accordingly, Check back shortly for updates.

WPPEnergy ITO Model

Investors in WPP Token will be stakeholders in all existing and future initiatives of WPPEnergy. WPP initiatives will be split into four main categories: WPP inexhaustible energy supply contracts with different governments across the planet, worth over 1dolar1 5B USD. WPP leads attempts to solve a tremendous energy crisis by utilizing existing WPP proven technology to establish WPP as the world's preferred power cord for cryptocurrency miners, providing cheap and clean energy solutions to small, medium-sized and huge mining operations. Projected power demand from cryptocurrency mining is going to trigger an exponential need for affordable WPP really clean energy solutions, reducing mining costs to a tiny proportion of what they presently are and with 0 carbon footprint. The WPP Decentralized Green Power Blockchain Platform (WPP Token) was established to record information on power production from WPP Energy 's global output as well as to invite any other renewable energy producers worldwide to take part in a platform which is actually prepared to supply power at wholesale prices to those private agencies and consumers seeking pure electricity production globally at a fraction of the cost of standard resources.
The platform is going to transform the power generation market for the gain of both consumers and suppliers, as a lot of suppliers have unsold surplus energy capacity which they're prepared to promote at a low cost and also the WPP Platform will capture this particular supply by using data transmission to the platform. Data sent to the platform is going to include the energy type generated, the quantity of electrical power today, energy costs and location. Future initiatives of the future include the development of a whole green city to accommodate 200,000 folks, built in only 2 years, along with a vertical, high level 20+ agricultural greenhouse tower which can feed 200,000 folks a month. Future projects additionally include highly advanced technology solutions of the transportation sector. WPP Energy will deploy by far the most effective innovative technology that globally helps third and second world countries to have new opportunities for resolving considerable power and housing problems.
WPP takes a significant step by contributing ten % of WPPCOIN's general profits to facilitate increased electricity production like a humanitarian aid to the countries with probably the greatest need.


The usefulness, cum success of any project can be measured by it’s ability to solve problems. The WPP project aims to reduce the cost/ effect of green energy globally, through the use of WPP’s partnerships, licenses, affiliates and technologies. This will ultimately make our world more habitable and safer.
I will like to say, at this point, that the ideas presented in this article are just a summary of the enormous possibilities that the WPPENERGY project holds and offers to corporate entities and even individual users. I, therefore, strongly recommend everyone to read through the WPP project whitepaper for a better grasp of this prodigious venture. Below are some other useful channels to help you keep abreast with the WPPEnergy project.

Website: https://wppenergy.io//
Whitepaper: https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf
BTT : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4518298.0
Telegram Group: https://t.me/WPPEnergy
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4449273.0

Author's Information :
Bitcointalk username : Ndubades
Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2258764;sa=summary

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