FIANCIA: Dedicated TV Channel for Crypto Currency News

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Crypto Business News TV Channel

The primary purpose of this TV channel would be to keep viewers updated with recent happenings in the world of cryptocurrencies. This world of cryptocurrency is not just limited to the prices of different cryptographic currencies but it encompasses lots of other aspects of cryptocurrencies including.

· Arrival of new currencies

· Future of different currencies

· The technology behind the development

· Mining

· Pros and cons

· Transaction process

· Vulnerabilities and security concerns

· Services required to improve overall infrastructure

This channel will cover all these aspects and much more to provide complete package to its viewers.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the most efficient, reliable, authentic, accurate, and trusted TV channel in the world.

Mission Statement
We are committed to deliver accurate and authentic cryptocurrency news as quickly as possible. Our mission is to inspire our viewers while informing them about the latest happenings in the field of digital currency.

Goals and Core Values
Our goal is to create a distinctive identity of our brand using best management practices in order to maximize the value for our stake holders.

Following are core values of his TV channel
Excellence: promoting and encouraging excellence with the help of rigor, creativity, pragmatism and innovation. Accepting Responsibility: Fulfilling our obligation to stakeholders, society and all people Sustainability: This company value refer to its efforts to sustain high quality of service Integrity: To stay honest in all interaction and ensure the highest level of ethical standards in reporting and broadcasting.

Diversity: Embracing changes and acting to use change in positive manner. Recognition: Recognize and acknowledge the efforts all other entities wherever and whenever necessary. Responsiveness: We strive to be receptive and respond quickly and efficiently according to the situation.

Accountability: Accepting the consequences of actions and act in the betterment of all stakeholders. Accuracy: Providing accurate information without altering it

Authenticity: Providing authentic information after verifying it from reliable sources so that people can trust our services. This project will provide a direct positive contribution to the Crypto money trade. It will be an example of replicas of participants, ie investors. It will broaden the market with TV channels that will make them conscious and at the same time provide the right and instant news flow. If you want to be involved in a successful project, being in this project is a solid and needed platform for you.

Custom TV Channels for Crypto Currency, The first Crypto news channel TV worldwide is dedicated to news, debates by crypto currency market leaders, 7 financial data on all crypto currency pairs, tech news blockchain & decentralization 24/7. Live streaming on all networks and satellite broadcasting devices.

Fiancia – creates a crypto currency trading platform and a crypto news channel. A revolutionary platform for trading crypto currency and a news channel for crypto television. More than 3000 currency pairs for business. In a place with business and innovative terminals, investing in social networks. TV channels, so that viewers are updated with the development of events in the world of Crypto & Blockchain technologies.
The revolutionary trading platform for trading crypto currency: where a trader and an investor can trade online crypto currency way easier and more interesting, using the strategy of social investment in the trade of crypto currency. The user television channel for crypto currency

The first Crypto news channel around the world is dedicated to the news, the debates of the leading crypto-currency market, financial data for all currency pairs of Crypto-currency, technological news block chain and decentralization 24/7. Live on all networks and satellite broadcasters.

User Friendly Terminal
Fiancia ensured the user friendly trading terminal for traders and investors to manage and execute the trading activities under and algorithmic trading system.

Potential Profits
An opportunity of potential profits for the traders and investors. Trading along with professional traders will help to gain massive profits that no other online terminal offers .

Massive Commissions for Pro Traders
Pro traders will be able to cash out hefty profits from terminal. Fixed monthly payments will be offered based on the ranks of the pro traders.

Social Network Investment
The terminal will play a dynamic role where traders and investors will share the their trading experiences and strategies by using social network investment strategies.

Crypto currency news, broadcasts, blockchain technology and alot more about crypto at one place.

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