Decenternet; Giving You The Decentralized World You Solely Desire

There is a cell phone in every hand and a personal computer in every house, connected to the internet. It is so amazing the way the internet is taking over everything, with a whole lot of data both (personal and public) contributed by people. The internet is now a world of its own where anything and everything can be accessed with ease. Data is being uploaded every second on the internet through social media, search engines, blogs and other online platforms by people, but do this people really own the data they put on the internet? The internet is owned by individuals who own the data uploaded on it by several people. These individuals amass wealth from the data that you and I spend a lot of time putting on the internet. They allow you burn your energy believing you are catching fun through social media while they make bucks of money on every click you make, sending your data. Apart from owning your data, these individuals also have access to your private life in front of the screen as they have created operating systems that you store data thereby monitoring your private life. With these all said, I know what runs through your mind; you want a decentralized platform, a decentralized operating system, in fact, you want a decentralized life. Have you heard of a platform that does not report to any third party except to you (the users), it does not monitor your personal life, it is very fast, secured, and decentralized. It is the best solution the blockchain technology can create. It is DECENTERNET (DNET).


Privacy is what we want and love to get while behind our computers, maybe I meant anonymity and the freedom to do what we want behind our computers without being monitored.
The centralized internet system has been the native way the internet has been for a very long time where every data you and I put on the internet is being sent to a central store/archive where it is being used to keep track and surveil our personal life. Data imputed are taking to the centralized system, then sent to the other party. With this, it shows that data are not sent directly to the second party but instead it gets to the third party first who then claims the right to the data then passed to the second party.

Net Neutrality

Why the middleman? If this is truly how a centralized Internet system works, then your security is at risk, your liberty and freedom is questioned because someone somewhere has access to the data. Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Yahoo have access to a lot of your personal information thereby endangering you. Here are a few things you didn’t know these companies knew about you. There have been issues of data been used for unusual activities by owners of the data farms and database. Also, this centralized system enables the Breaching of database where data stored are being hacked why others are sold so as to amass wealth and make profit monopolistically. Your data is their profit


Decenternet is a complete ultra-fast Peer to Peer distributed Internet platform created using the Blockchain technology. This decentralized blockchain browser reports to its users, without a third-party interference by one person or company that stores or keep data to amass wealth. Decenternet is secured, fast and private, unlike traditional centralized websites and browsers. Decenternet is aimed at solving a lot of problems which includes: • The lack of freedom (speech, expression, etc) and privacy issues, using a decentralized browser rather than violence.
• Creating a currency that is free from inflation and backed by information instead of gold, silver, platinum and other precious stone, since this stone are not valuable if the knowledge to information is not available. Creating a currency that is free from centralization and regulation by people who have the power to influence currency by printing as much as they want.
• Decentralizing the centralized mining activity and political power in the crypto-economy.
• Redistribution of wealth withheld by ISP cartels and content delivery intermediaries to the people who put in the data on the internet.
• Deleting the middleman in the internet world who stores data for wealth creation. A Decenternet world

Decenternet is a decentralized ecosystem that comprises great components which are:
  1. A decentralized Decenternet Browser
  2. A Native OS
  3. Decentralized native Search engine
  4. Blocktube
  5. Native Currency
  • A decentralized Decenternet browser
    Osiris Browser is the native secure and a decentralize browser in the decenternet ecosystem. Osiris browser is the fastest browser of its kind currently, giving its users access to both custom websites and Decenternet websites. Osiris browser does not monitor or collect and send data about its users to a third party.
  • A Native OS
    Decenternet is concerned with protecting its user's privacy and attaining freedom in the Decenternet ecosystem, which is why the Anuvys OS is created. Anuvys OS does not monitor your activities. Unlike traditional OS such as Windows and MAC OS, security bridges will continue to be a problem as this traditional OS are built on surveilling and spying on our personal activities and reporting to a third-party store. The Anuvys OS can multi-boot, thereby not making it a must to use Decenternet but I can bet that everyone wants a very fast access to the internet.
    Moreso, traditional OS such as windows have access to where you are always, the route you pass through frequently, your speed when going somewhere, your favourite destination and a lot more thereby bridging privacy, the Anuvys OS does not interfere in your personal life.

Also, the Hermes mobile OS, a Decenternet phone OS unlike the Andriod, Windows, and IOS which is centralized and does not protect its user's privacy, will protect privacy as well as support mobile application development that is transparent and secure. Also, Hermes OS will promote the crypto economy.

  • Decentralized native Search engine
    Have you heard of “Speak the truth” search engine? Liberty search engine is the “speak the truth” search engine. The is the native search engine on the Decenternet ecosystem. This search engine does not make profits for one person or a group of monopolistic owners, it does not report to any third party or store. It does not discriminate between results thereby showing you results for the contents with the highest ads click, it shows based on demand and relevance, thereby not controlling what you see.

The Liberty search engine is based on fulfilling certain criteria which are: Scalability, open source, large community, uses rest API, well documented, distributed environment support, good search performance, full-text search support, reliable, easy management

  • Blocktube
    Online YouTube, Blacktube is a Peer to peer video hub where video content creator gets incentives for creating contents for their audience. Unlike centralized video media platforms that make a huge amount of money by spamming video with ads, Blacktube is not making a penny from ads as it is ads free. The rewards are sent to the content creators according to the quality of their videos. Blocktube data is streamed directly from the Decenternet mining network thereby it is fast and secure.
  • Native Currency
    Spyce is the native currency on the Decenternet blockchain used for trading and commerce. The currency is produced through mining only. Spyce is used to reward creators on the decenternet ecosystem as well as for trading. It processes payments and transactions very fast for a very low cost. A cost less than one faction of the Bitcoin transaction fee. Mining Spyce consumes less energy compared to other cryptocurrencies. It does not require people who are interested in mining to spend a whole lot acquiring ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit).


Decenternet (DNET) is just doing it right because keeping your private life private, not monetizing your data for selfish creation of wealth, not interfering with your data and keeping you secure is right. I know that transparency, ownership of data by creators, elimination of profit extortion by intermediaries and third parties, is right and DNET is doing that. What do you say? Decenternet is supported by ARPANET. Stay tuned as I will be telling more about Decenternet (DNET). You can visit their whitepaper and social media channels for more information and updates. Feel Free to visit
Decenternet whitepaper You do not want to miss important updates, so feel free to like and follow Decenternet social media channel

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