Smart Containers - new delivery tracking ecosystem.

Lots of food and pharmaceutical companies, which industry is directly related to the implementation of regular supplies, are closely related to those who implement them. The problem is a large amount of material losses, which are related to the same supplies, due to non-compliance with a wide range of conditions necessary for transportation. Also, there are situations and weather conditions that occur in the course of transportation, which together affect the quality and quantity of delivered products.
Based on the general information of the research centers, the pharmaceutical industry annually transports more than 1 trillion drugs and suffers material losses in about of 16 billion dollars. But this situation is only for this moment. The general analytics of the transportation market for the food and pharmaceutical industry draws a conclusion from the trends in the growth of supplies by 2021, that material losses will amount to more than $ 200 billion. Blockchain is a very promising technology that implements the development of a number of liquid destinations and one of them is a complex of the most recent innovations in transportation from the Smart containers project. Its advantages will be considered further.
Smart containers group is a logistics company specializing in the delivery of various types of pharmaceutical and grocery goods in specially equipped "smart" containers.


· The company has been operating for more than 5 years and includes 100 types of patented technological innovations in the cargo transportation industry;

· before the realization of the ICO, venture capital funds and private investors has entered the amount in about of the USD 25 million;

· The presence of the finished product in the form of 5 regular sought after smart-containers;

· The presence of two strategic partners SkySell and FoodGuardians;

· The presence of two areas of application based on finance and logistics.

Also, the documentation of cargo transportation is a very laborious and robust procedure, the registration of which requires a significant staffing capacity, in connection with which generate a large amount of costs. Thanks to the introduction of blockchain technologies and smart contracts, this procedure won't be necessary and the whole process will be implemented in a few clicks. Getting rid of a large amount of paper work is a peculiar revolutionary step towards the leading technologies.

How does it work?
Smart Containers Group (SCG). Basing on their own experience of cargo transportation and those problems that they encountered in the course of their activity, the company found the solution of all existing problems in the blockchain as follows:
To put in order a regular deliveries creates a unique mechanism, which is based logistics system with the LOGI token and smart contracts, which combine all the information of the order and payment. This will save you from papers and unnecessary transactions, as well as third parties
The delivery control will be entrusted to the smart container itself, which will contain a whole range of technologies including climate control, IoT sensors complex, GPS chip, etc. This is done in order to detail the information on cargo transportation and the presence of factors affecting the product itself. For example, if the container is damaged, the signal will send to the customer and the sender.

Often, we are talking about projects with a beta-version of the product or some small achievements in the form of implementing a part of the concept. This project provides us with a ready-made infrastructure with its own mechanics of deliveries and actually finished company, which has been operating for more than 5 years as one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceuticals and grocery products. Introducing blockchain technology and smart containers reduces the risk and, in fact, the project covers the segment of the economic costs associated with lost production quality. Carrying out the ICO and tokenization are the launch of the entire mechanism through which the project will function. If you buy tokens of the company, you invest your money in a fairly liquid direction. But, as you know, cryptocurrency market exists without warranty of any kind.
ICO periods are divided into 2 stages: the sale of SMARC tokens and LOGI tokens. The terms of sale of each are individual investment event.

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