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Everyone who plays video games sooner or later thought about why his/her gaming activities don't bring him a profit. Some start streaming, while others start doing cybersport, but the issue of the finance of this gaming activity remains till nowadays closed from public view.
First and foremost, the entire gaming ecosystem consists of developers and gamers/consumers of the product. But as in any other field, there are always those third parties who are interested only in a limited and personal prosperity. And oddly enough the solution is in the blockchain. In fact, I am very upset by this reality, in which many people cannot realize that the cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are opening up new global opportunities for changing the modern household device in our favor. By the example of this project /company /start-up you can be sure in previous statements and, in general, in all those companies, information about which I provide.
Nowadays, many pupils, students, and, in general, a large amount of the adult population spends some of his/her time playing video games. And in the near future you will be given a currency for this activity in the form of a token YUM. I suppose, that you will be interested in learning about a project such as "Yumerium", thanks to which the above described will become the reality.

The idea of creating this project with the little-known name "Yumerium" arose quite recently - in 2017. The initiators of the creation of such an individual concept of the game direction were Subdream studios and HTC. Where, in turn, subdream studios acts as one of the suppliers of VR plus - the game content for use in HTC Vive.
"Yumerium" is a gaming community, where each user/player shares his experience with other users within the monetized turnover of the token, as well as through advertising marketing.
At this point, is available 29 VR plus gaming locations in Korea on the basis of the "Yumerium" community.

How will it work?
The integration of the blockchain excludes third parties and, accordingly, the turnover of funds will be in two participants - in developers and gamers.
Any platform user can earn YUM tokens as follows:

· Advertising content viewing

· Overview/stream of the gaming platform

· Referral program

· Exchange the links of the social networking

· Review

And also many other actions that are of value for attracting participants. Developers regard this type of reward as stimulating the activity of the gaming community. This incentive, as a reward system, is the individual form of marketing and is financed from its mining pool.
Rewards occur during a certain time of the existence of marketing content. In the future, thanks to the using of the smart contracts of the blockchain ethereum, a certain amount of YUM tokens content is transmitted to the author. I think, that we shouldn't talk about the benefits of the blockchain and smart contracts. Another interesting fact is that all gaming activity is stored in the cloud storage of the "Yumerium". Thanks to internal applications for streaming and creating overviews, you can monetize your gameplay. To do this you need only the presence of an ethereum wallet.
You can use YUM tokens in many different ways and, actually, it has really a wide range of applications. For example, the output in the Fiat, buying other cryptocurrency, buying things on the basis of a gaming platform, etc.
Get the benefits of the new direction of the game - "Earn to play".

"Yumerium" is an almost formed gaming platform, which ICO is directed to blockchain integration using the Smart contracts in order to reward users.
The gaming industry is growing in exorbitant steps. The specificity of the market is extremely productive for the development of new projects and gaming areas. In addition, the peculiar hype around the blockchain adds interest from the consumer thereby attracting new participants.
By purchasing YUM tokens, you can get a good passive earnings, counting on the liquidity of the platform, since demand generates an offer. "Yumerium" already has more than 29 game points and, in fact, in the near future, the project will become one of the most popular representatives of the gaming industry.

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