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Freelance s becoming a widely spread approach to work and life – the number of people willing to be “their own boss” is steadily increasing, especially among millennials. They want a more optimal “work-life” balance, fair estimation of their talents, and more freedom in the choice of projects to be engaged in. In US only, 1 out of 3 employees works on a freelance basis, and this trend is adopted all around the world.

There are different freelance online platforms on the Net, with most of them created for copywriters, translators, web-designers and site builders. But what about other spheres and specializations? For example, such professions as electricians or massage therapists are not covered in freelance platforms – the specialists have to find clients on their own. The same problem is faced by employers: where to find an experienced and reliable worker who is up to the task?

3 Main Issues Faced by Freelance Industry

There are three basic problems typical of the freelance market:

  1. There’s no versatile platform that would unite freelance workers of all spheres – that complicates the establishment of contact between potential employers and employees.
  2. Lack of trust. Frauds are taking place here and there. If there’s no middleman such as a freelance platform, employer and employee have to communicate directly – there’s no 100% guarantee that the task will be done in time, or that a worker will be paid. Such situation discourages freelancers from finding new customers.
  3. Commission fees. What if all the work is done via a freelance platform? Yes, it’s a safer variant, but most platforms have pretty high commission fees starting at 5% and finishing by 20%, or even more. That goes without mentioning that you lose money on withdrawal from the platform and the payment systems.

Therefore, online freelance platforms have a lot of imperfections, which is why both freelances and people hiring workers to stay dissatisfied.

Talao – a different approach to freelance

Talao is a superb decentralized marketplace that allows customers to find the most talented workers in various industries and spheres. It was organized in 2015, and already offers a trial version and enjoys endorsement from many supporters globally. The key mission of the project is to facilitate a partnership between people hiring and hired, and to elaborate a secure and convenient space for users.

Advantages of Talao

In order to understand what makes Talao differ from the traditional platforms, let’s highlight its most outstanding options:

  • The Reputation System. Freelances can store all the data about their reputation and certificates in blockchain and provide free or paid access to it. Besides, they not only gain reputation on Talao platform – they can display the reputation on other websites and platforms.
  • Being a DAO project, Talao promotes fair work, transparency, and development of professional skills. The system leverages the tools for measuring the level of satisfaction with the platform. It also provides the smart contracts to allow for easier decision making.
  • 0% commission. Talao project implements smart contracts to drive transactions. No need to search for middlemen or pay fees. The prices are set by the freelancers having the ultimate authority in their sphere.
  • TALAO token have value inside and outside platform environment. There are two ways to exploit the tokens: stack them as a deposit, or transfer from the client’s to talent’s wallet.
  • Fair governance and clear fund distribution. Talao does not render money to shareholders: instead, they’re put back into the company to promote its further growth. Please, note that the voting and its results are opened for public, as well as some documents and articles. The Board taking key decisions will be chosen by the heads of DAO communities.
  • The tribunal will serve to settle conflicts between users. Escrow system also covers the payment contracts.
  • Several ways of payment. Good news: payments in virtual and fiat currency are accepted. That promotes wide adoption of the service and makes it highly convenient.

Bottom Line

Talao gives the freelance community what it’s been waiting for years – a convenient websitte/app with minimal transaction fees and totally transparent scheme of work. However, it’s not the only player on the scene – there’s a bunch of projects alike, for instance, BlueWhale. In order to attract users, the team needs to expand the list of spheres available for freelancers (at the moment, it’s mostly aimed at major technical spheres only) and introduce new interesting features.


As for ICO, it has already gained much popularity, but the conditions are not the most beneficial ones. The minimal personal cap is 10 ETH, which is more suitable for corporate investors. Besides, it’s not clear which currencies are accepted, and when you’ll be able to get your tokens.

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