As days go by, and cryptocurrency makes its way to the markets, there is need for better exchanges, that will enhance transparency and complete usage of technologies. This will enable more and more people to join to trade with the aim of enjoying the full benefits such platform gives and the most important thing is the feeling of safety and security which the platform brings. This is the reason why the Bitcoinbing platform was created. the bitcoinbling platform empowers the traders as well as the whole market by providing them with a safe place to trade and execute volume trading without any fee. Bitcoinbing focuses on optimizing trade through the use of cryptocurrecy and blockchain. The bitcoinbing exchange platform incorporates some key features that differentiates it from other platform. This project focuses on optimizing trade through the use of crptocurrency and blockchain. It will usher the world into a more secure and reliable system of trading by securing their interests in all aspects. It will bring the ease of transactions at the fore through its peer to peer architecture.

The Bitcoinbing platform in its Architectural uniqueness

In creating a better exchange and in a way of solving current issues faced by other exchanges, the bitcoinbing team has designed the platform in a way that it surpasses such problems. Problems such as insufficient infrastructure, inferior security, irrational parameters, Rigid market conditions, poor customer service, want of globalization unreasonable transaction fees etc. In solving the problem of insufficient infrastructure, the bitcoinbing matching engine is designed in a phenomenal way of handling transactions. it can handle 1,000,00 orders/second. Rather than users waiting endlessly on a queue for their orders to be sorted out, which sometimes could take days or weeks to process in other exchanges. With the bitcoinbing platform, transactions are done swiftly and timely. The platform also offers users the ability to conduct over-the-counter and peer-to-peer trading of fiat and cryptocurrency in a flexible and secure manner. Users and their funds are fully protected through the rating and review mechanism employed in the platform. Now users can now make critical decisions on whom to do business with through the onsite trust ratings. Since an escrow mechanism is used, it ensures that none of the users can get hold of the others fiat currency or cryptocurrency without paying in their agreed value of exchange. This will help in kicking out every form of advance fee fraud committed by fraudsters. The platform helps in resolving conflicts through the use of a decentralized decision making process to resolve conflicts fairly. It uses vast number of payment systems such as papal, Neteller, Western union, International bank transfer etc.

The bitcoinbing platform boasts of the following salient features, multiple currency desk, full stack trade desk, desktop and mobile friendly, risk management,information compiling, token trading and airdrop distribution, token buy-back, security etc.The bitcoinbing vision is clearly outlined in the road map

Bing token is bitcoinbing platform native token that will give traders zero trading fees when it is used to pay for fees for trades done on the platform. ICO investors will be able to trade on the platform without the payment of transaction fees. The token sale will commence on Quarter three of 2018 with a total of 150 million tokens for sale at the price of 0.5$/Bing. The token sale is open to the general public. The total supply of Bing token is 1 Billion. See the token sale details below.

Bitcoinbing has made a historic invention by joining the wave of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The team is dedicated to the task of performing optimally and handling any challenge that may arise in the cause of their duties. Through the services provided on the platform, stability will be brought to the current volatility in the market experienced by customers.




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