BITDRAW: LOTTERY PLATFORM in the blockchain framework

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From times past, it has been known that the gambling industry has spiced up the need for fun in the in the digital age. It has gradually become a system that is more lucrative than expected and has a market value of $302,300 currently and CAGR of 4.5% and is still expected to increase in the near future.
The Lottery is a form of gambling that is outlawed by most governments but these days it is now common to find some nations that have rather deemed it necessary and in most cases organise a state or national lottery and even go as far as having regulation that even governs it, just to show the support for and it and the lottery system entails the draw of various lots for a prize.

The BitDraw framework is bordered on gambling as it is the niche of its transaction within the blockchain space and thereby building a bridge between the normal conventional lottery system to a decentralised gambling system on which the lottery currently stands and also making it a source of money making in a monthly sequence in a three-step process that ranges from choosing lucky tickets, requesting for donations or payments and the insertion of advertising sponsors. It is said the BitDraw platform will provide the opportunity for her participants to make millions hence producing millionaires on a monthly basis in a raffle draw system.
This project was born out of the need to conquer the bureaucratic and economic challenges been encountered by the industry and those in it by a mere idea of the BitDraw platform usage.
The BitDaw platform is unique both in the details and additional services it offers. This is the first platform which will be purely dedicated to replace the traditional method of winning lotteries around the world. BitDraw reserves the right to use one or more blockchains within its project. This will allow us to be totally decentralized without depending on a single technology.
BitDraw will be the new point of reference for the lottery market and will be fully developed using the blockchain technology. Using the blockchain affords BitDraw with the means to be decentralized and be more community – based compared to its traditional competitors.
The BitDraw Token (BTDW) will be used as currency within our platform. Using the Ethereum blockchain, BTDW community will be able to receive payments safely and quickly, thus eliminating the annoying problems and slowness of the fiat currencies.

• Sponsorship
• Making a donation
• Purchasing a song
• Voting
• Buying tickets
• Purchasing merchandising.

Our vision is to create a new revolutionary online lottery platform that is unlike any other traditional lottery systems.

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When it concerns the use of funds generated from the ICO marketing and PR, it is most important as this is investors funds and they really want to be sure that their investment is secured as the proper use of the funds will give them a degree of guaranty that there will be profits on investment. Hence, some of the funds will be used to enhance the marketing strategy and the marketing will be pushed as possible as needed in order to establish a firm degree of connection between the project team and the customers because that is how we intend to achieve our goal. This fund will also be used to invest heavily in events, sponsorships, contests that are related to artists, public relations, advertising campaigns, social media campaigns and newsletters. Any means necessary to expand the brand and achieve our goal will also be considered.

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May 2018: Announcement
June 2018: WP Vol.1 release
July 2018: Private Sale Start
August 2018: Website Launch
September 2018: Public Sale Start
October 2018: Exchange listing & Launch of the desktop and mobile Alpha versions
November 2018: Official audit report on token sale results
December 2018: Advertising & Bounty program
January 2019: Launch of the desktop and mobile versions
February 2019: Stabilization of the platform, new features and start survey of the creation of our blockchain.
March 2019: Will be dedicated to the creation and stabilization of the blockchain, including the support related to the licenses. Partnership with national draws and TV stations.
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