Sponsy: Decentralizing the sponsorship industry.

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The process to grow any form of business or enterprise is factored on how much of patronage and also how much sponsorships is granted for this enterprise. The basic truth revealed is essential for the growth and sequence of businesses. The Sponsy platform on the blockchain is factored to present sponsorships and patronage on a decentralised paradigm. This is unique as systematic and clear cut functionalities in meeting demands can be duly established for users. The sponsorship platform on the average as an industry is about 35% high up,with a continuos growth sequence and a high demand variation for all demands plus a growing market size. This defines the prospective sequence and paradigm for which sponsy hopes to shape as a creatively ingenious platform using crypto-blockchain technology paradigm in the market.


The challenges faced by clients and young starts when sponsorship is involved is massive.Thus, some of them includes the average fee cost of 35% percent is massive and too high as charged by the agencies. This therefore iterates that the sponsorship industry is considered firstly with the challenges of been filled with biased approach to things in general.This means that AAA-sized companies tend to deal with bureaucracy, slow approach to decision making, outrageous fees and non-transparent contracts. Furthermore, most SMEs find it difficult in accessing the market and tend to deal with deprivation of modern tools and techniques in general. This affects them in decision making which affects them on the demerit side of things. Secondly,the high centralized sequence of the present day industry affects sponsorship too much with monopoly through the " CAA (Creative Artists Agency), Boras Corporation, Relativity Sports and Wasserman Media Group"(www.sponsy.org). Hence, this agencies makes the market unfavourable for clients leading to high losses and uncontrolled biased regulations and legalities. Thus, the average client presently faces the challenges of matching right sponsor to their events, bureaucracy, legal litigations and the work alone syndrome faced by clients.


The Sponsy is presently on the blockchain crypto market paradigm only to provide solutions in a dynamic way.This is basically driven on the facet of convenient online work aid platform sequence for getting the tedious work of clients done easily and very fast with tracking abilities. Furthermore, sponsy provides a decentralized decision making for clients through its user voting paradigm with creative and inventive ideas creations for all its users and inventors etc. Sponsy will also employ the services of hundreds of employees in getting work done abandoning the traditional approach to things for which advantages and disadvantages are not properly checked and processed. Thus, a well stream-lined workflow is unique on the sponsy though the APIs paradigm using the internet of things(IOT) including video surveillance etc,blockchain high technology framework, AI(artificial intelligence) etc. Sponsy platform at www.sponsy.org provides more overview and update on its platform provisions for users.

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The Sponsy token details covers a total of 23,700,000 for sale, with its hardcap range of $14,000,000 through payment methods of "BTC,ETH, Litecoin, Dash and other bank transfers"(www.sponsy.org). The Sponsy Sticker is represented by SPS. However, the date for token sale and closure is yet to be announced. Sponsy uses the ERC20 Ethereum paradigm and users can purchase a minimum of ten(10) SPS.


The Sponsy platform provides relevant information on all its activities such as proceeds allocations, use of proceeds,token prices with date intervals,etc on www.sponsy.org. Thus, sponsy is determined to be the best blockchain platform for sponsorship using the crypto currency paradigm.

Website: https://www.sponsy.org
Whitepaper: https://www.sponsy.org/sponsy_wp_en.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/sponsy_en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sponsyApp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sponsy/

Author: jerrison
Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741
Eth addy: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407

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