Time Money will be the first decentralized platform for business marketplace on the blockchain


The act of creating value offers for all times used is beneficial as it creates and represents the per-constructive synergy flow of users. The time value for any man is the most valuable asset he or she can maximise. This unique variance is placed in the best syntax of skill value reward anagram. It provides the driving point that transcends into the very constructive growth process which the blockchain offer. The Blockchain technology on its own is now coupled without the Value Skilled added concept, leading to the Tmoney paradigm. The arrival and eruption of this paradigm is essential to transform and make the use of skill set re-invent into time payment value. The value proposition is beyond what anyone can compare. It creates the reliable frontier of wise meetings of experts and great skilled people. The value is built on the necessity for peoples skill to be more valuable than anyone in general. Thus, paying for time and skill is the main focus of the Tmoney platform.


The Tmoney blockchain platform is a node that represents a simplified concept of using the digital space for connecting, unifying and bringing a total set of people with enormous skill together. Thus, this togetherness and idea sharing is a function of time.Thus, Tmoney pays for it makes sure;all the possible outcome of value is utilised and used. Tmoney as a blockchain represents the very function of job-skill-time value anagram via the use of token. This is essentially, the drive point for the platforms ideas, concept and theme. In general, the Tmoney establishes the functional features of making time and skill count in a great way. This is made decentralised and well compatible for the users in general. Furthermore, all the time users of any array meet or share ideas on the Time-money platform. The users are rewarded with coins and tokens, which can be used in real-time exchanges with fiat currencies. The Tmoney cryptocurrency can be used and variably exchanged any time and used on the fait market.


The Tmoney is a functional platform built on the well crafted and defined construct, enabling users to enjoy the platform. it is a digital place of skill-time value.It maintains the very established conceptualization of new job or work management. The following are a direct representation of the Tmoney features which the users tend to enjoy and use on the platform.

▪The Tmoney provides availability for all to use and also a wide array of time-task calculated in terms of jobs and skills accepted.

▪The platform is decentralized and uses the ERC20 technical construct for users. This aid encryption mechanisms.

▪An easy to understand-transparent system for users which uses and is built into the GPS system.

▪The Tmoney has a high-two rating operations for its functionality framework.


The Tmoney node creates an environment for easy user understanding. This defines how the system works and how the model of operation maintains the driving line of functionality. Below is a diagrammatic chart of how the TMoney Model Works.

TMoney-How it Works Concept


The Tmoney token operations is its value coinage can be accessed at www.tmoney.io.


The Tmoney platform itemizes its operations and task with corresponding and functional dates. This is in sequence with milestones,deadlines and objective tasks to be reached. Below, is the TMoney blockchain Roadmap Chart.

Tmoney Roadmap Chart


Website: https://tmoney.io/
Whitepaper: https://tmoney.io/tmoneywhitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/tmoneyico
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tmoneyio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timemoneyapp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tmoney.io/

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