The internet is one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century, allowing for the instant communication and transfer of information between numerous entities, all at once. However, this remarkable innovation has been exploited by both advertisers and various government agencies, compromising personal security through tracking the online activities of internet users.

Advertisements(Ads) can be a real pain, especially when you’re busy surfing the net for an important information then lo and behold, there is a pop-up ad on the screen, and three extra tabs of advertisement which you didn’t open running in the background, consuming not just data, system memory. Ad blockers have helped with this issue but a more reliable and efficient solution has been developed—ONLINE.IO

<center><b>THE ONLINE SOLUTION</b></center>

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ONLINE.IO is a blockchain-based platform that has been developed to help protect against these exploitations by developing a revolutionary platform which redefines the browsing experience of internet-users by offering a faster, ad-free, non-trackable, and malware-free internet platform.

ONLINE.IO is built on blockchain technology, a decentralized system which operates using a public distributed-ledger system, allowing for the immutability of data, while ensuring data integrity.


<center><b>FEATURES OF THE ONLINE.IO PLATFORM</b></center>

The ONLINE.IO platform comprises various features that constitute the platform’s ecosystem, they include:

* DESKTOP BROWSER EXTENSIONS: The browser extensions will serve not only the purpose of blocking adverts (adblocks), but also protect against tracking scripts and will also feature a web wallet. These extensions will be compatible with all major browsers. Also, the users will be able to use the voting feature of the extension in rating websites.

* MOBILE APPLICATION: In addition to the web extensions, ONLINE.IO has developed a mobile application which offers the same quality of services as the web extensions, ensuring that users of the platform are protected and benefit from the platform both on their computers and on their mobile devices, ensuring security and privacy on the go!

* WALLET: The wallet will be available on both the mobile devices and computers, will be compatible with most browsers and operating systems. Users of the mobile application will have all the features of the ONLINE.IO platform in one application, while the desktop users will have a dedicated wallet. The ONLINE.IO wallet has been developed with advanced security features like two-factor authentication, automatic wallet encryption, face and fingerprint recognition and a host of other features in order to ensure user security.

* PLUGINS: The ONLINE.IO platform will also feature API and plugins for customer and e-commerce websites integration. 

The platform also features a Marketplace where users can make purchases using their ICE tokens and a Merchant system where payments can be accepted in various cryptocurrencies and received in either ICE tokens or fiat currencies.

<center><b>BENEFITS OF THE ONLINE.IO PLATFORM</b></center>


* The blocking of tracking techniques which are used by government agencies and advertisers to obtain the browsing information of internet users.

* Revenue generation for web page owners through advertisements.

* A new and unique website rating system.

* The elimination of spammy adverts which tend to be a nuisance to internet users.

* Anonymity of users.

* Faster browsing experience.

<center><b>ONLINE.IO TOKENS AND TOKEN SALE</b></center>

The ONLINE.IO ecosystem utilizes three(3) cryptocurrencies that perform specific functions within the ecosystem. The ICE Ethereum token (ICE) is the means of payments and settlement within the ecosystem. The Online Ethereum token(OIO) will be the tokens used for staking, these staked token will be used in the mining of ICE tokens while the Trust token(TST) will be used in the stimulation of users to rank websites. The TST tokens will exist only within the private blockchain. 




The ONLINE.IO team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs and seasoned experts in various aspects of internet and blockchain technology. The team is led by its founder A. Iulian Florea, the founder of Microleaves, a leading internet proxy service provider.





To find out more about the project, token sale participation, or to become a member of the ONLINE.IO community, use any of the following links:










BTT LINK:;u=1416347

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