Hello guys, how are u doing today? I got some exciting stuff to share with you today that is based on my article research. Well, today's topic will be exceptional and great so just relax let me tell you about my interesting topic.
Have you heard about the cryptocurrency exchange before? Well, today we will brief it down for you and the latest platform that has to do with it.
Cryptocurrency exchange has to do with business which allows customers to basically trade cryptocurrencies or maybe digital currencies for other assets, it might be through fiat currencies or other digital currencies too. However, cryptocurrency exchange could be a market maker that takes bid typically as a transaction commission for services or a matching platform that simply takes fees.
Majorly they are other larger cryptocurrency exchange platforms around the world but we found out that they face some major challenges. I will briefly talk about a few of them, they are;
• Transaction Delay: we found out that one of the major challenges is the delay in cryptocurrencies exchange transactions. These delays are seen to occur nearly in all transactions made most times, traders find it difficult to withdraw because of the slow system. Scalability can be a cause too.
• Activates of cyber attacks: this would not be a new challenge because actually, they do attack most of the individual’s personal accounts by hacking into the system. So most cryptocurrency exchange platforms enable tight security system so as to avoid these threats.
• Price Manipulation: another big challenge in the cryptocurrency exchange where the market is a volatile one. No one actually knows when to predict and make some high profits. Because of these the biggest contributor that is in this volatile called “whales” handle some large amount of the cryptocurrency holdings. They are the ones that swing the markets by changing the values of cryptocurrencies.
So today’s platform is called COINOLIX EXCHANGE and they have come up with a very nice idea.


Coinolix Exchange is a platform that has a matching engine that is fit for managing over 2 million orders per second. However, massive numbers of trade requests that can count on the extensive and adaptable engine just in seconds. So these platforms possess a lot if I may say for its users. Traders will not be seen having issues like tedious trade handling or stuck trading, whatsoever the issue may be the platform has made it easier for all.


Basically, Coinolix Exchange platform has a lot to offer, the platform has made it possible for traders to seamlessly trade and make profits. Full assistance and supports are built in the platform so as to enable traders to follow expert traders strategies thus, a very useful tool. The user-friendly platform I would point out that is one feature all users will have to experience it this massive platform.
So I will talk briefly about some few features that the platform has.


o Trading fee: having a 0.2% fee charge in every settled exchange is definitely not bad for a start. However, different types of fees will come along in the future such as volume-based discounts, market maker-market taker and a zero fee promotion
o Language Support: so the platform fully supports different language such as English, Russian, Chinese, Korea, and all major languages.
o Withdrawal fee: some amount of withdrawal fee will be changed later on.
o 24/7 Customer support: like I said earlier a 24/7 customer supports put you through on experts traders strategy giving you the best to profit from the market.
o The platform will support trading pairs inform of coins like BTC, ETH, NEO, XRP, DASH and other.
o Margin trading
o It both feature an android and IOS app to seamlessly use the platform on the go
o Browser-based trading platform

It has a token called CLX Token that will be used on Ethereum Blockchain and has a support Ethereum wallet.


I will say this the opportunity, the time and the chance to be a part of this thus, the platform has built useful tools to traders to trade and make profits. Hence, COINOLIX EXCHANGE is the platform that has it all to offer all.
For more details, visit the links below. Thanks.
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