ICO TraXion Review: Cryptocurrency bank for all people

In our rapid age of technology development and overall progress, the indicator of the development of society is the constant use and acceptance of services of the financial sphere. And for each country it is very individual and depends on the general level of well-being in it. The smaller the poor in the country, the higher the consumption of financial services. With the ubiquitous development of mobile communication the most popular payments in the world are payments on account replenishment. For objective reasons, there is no access to financial services for the world's 2 billion people. This is due both to the lack of physical banks and the limiting features of the financial system itself, such as these:

  • bureaucracy generates a large number of intermediaries that slow down and complicate the entire process of passing money;
  • rate of international payments is from three to five working days;
  • commissions for the payment are accumulated with each step of passing each stage of the general process and eventually reach 10% of the transferred amount or more;
  • difficulties in tracking the sent payment. 

With the development of blockchain-technologies there was an opportunity to transform the financial structure, make profitable non-profit sectors of the economy, using safe and simplified offers for sending, receiving and receiving money. Such solutions are offered by the project TraXion, all mechanisms and tools of which we will consider in the presented review.

What is TraXion

TraXion is an infrastructure organized without the principles of centralization and managed by blockchain technology based on Hyperledger Fabric, which is designed to perform the daily functions of the banking structure for its users such as: getting loans, make transfers and so on. It will allow to change the structure of doing business, will ensure the safety, integrity and trust in the data. The latest Hyperledger Fabric technology will ensure a more close and seamless penetration of the platform into existing networks, integrate it with enterprises and interact with new users, allowing it to quickly scale over time and In space. This platform will ensure profit in the non-profit sector, eliminate all prerequisites for corruption and reduce the barrier to access to financial services through competitive in the field of cryptocurrency infrastructure by all sectors of society in full volume.


Project objectives

TraXion aims to become the best representative of the financial structure, a bank built on blockchain, offering all kinds of banking services in the field of сryptoeconomies. This approach will enable to tokenizirovat all payments and transfers, to get additional income in the form of tokens from investing in projects, from P2P – crediting, charity, production of insurance payments and just keeping their savings on the platform. Cryptoeconomies will be in line with traditional banking systems and to achieve this, the team develops several platforms that seamlessly enter the common distributed and protected block system to be used by various banks, agencies and operators in the processing of payments to cryptocurrency on the basis of their trust.

TraXion development team

The project is developed by a strong and professional team of specialists in the fields of entrepreneurship and finance, development of high technologies and business, Internet marketing and block technologies, economics and politics. The average amount of their total work experience in these industries is about 20 years and the most intriguing is that the team is headed by a woman Ann Cuisia, who has been engaged in information technologies for more than 20 years, has worked for many years in banking structures and The project is headed by the direction responsible for blockchain. Team members such as Tamer Maher and Bermil Espina also work in the software for over 20 years and are able to translate their ideas into real projects. The project consultants are very competent and influential advisors in the blockchain community that have been part of many ICO's and know how to conduct them from start to finish. Here are just some opinions of experts about the level and professionalism of this team:

Project Advisors 

You can get more information about the project by the following links:

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