Mandarin : The next big thing

  Mandarin is the first cryptocurrency exchange with shared management. it is divided into 1000000 token slices.  


Mandarin Exchange can be called a decentralized market of a new generation. Or it is possible to name the first exchange cipher of the exchange, controlled together (community). This platform is the first and only now. The platform principle "Mandarin" divides 1,000,000 tokens into migrants, among others, investors, campaign members and teams. This can minimize the risk of losing users' funds through the use of intellectual contracts and voting systems.Joint management can reduce some of the worst

  1. Fundraising of investors from platform administrators
  2. Government intervention in financial transactions of users
  3. Storage of cold storage by intruders
  4. Disagreements about the introduction of new coins between the administration of the Boers with traders / traders 

 Some of the advantages of Mandarin include:

  1. Joint management ( Shared Management )
  2. Ethhereum based with smart contract
  3. The existence of protection on cold wallet
  4. The existence of a backup system installed in 5 locations in the world
  5. Use of the latest generation 2-factor 2FA (2FA) authentication and will be supported with fingerprint and password sensors
  6. Support from support team with 24 hours call center

 The exchange will not let no decent funds, this is a great way to share the marker between the public and the enthusiast or the token holder. The Spaniards are the first exchange of cruptocurrency with a shared guide. It is divided into 1 000 000 tokens-Iris. 100% profit is distributed among all token holders, whoever wants, can get their own shares. The main decision is taken by the owner of more than 10 tokens using the voting system and smart contract.Mandarin has plans to become a publicly controlled crypto exchange. 

This is the first project related to the exchange that ever existed, and therefore more interesting. Total will be a million tokens shared by the public, and will be based on the mark of the person holding the shares also participating because of the platform fee to trade. The platform will use a smart contract and the right to vote will have all participants holding a minimum of 10 tokens. The platform is intended to implement a competitive remuneration market for trading that will not exceed 0.1%. Initially will offer the most popular Crypto exchange  such as Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Cash, litecoin and Monera. This platform will be very secure and additional security will have two-step authentication for maximum protection of your account. This project will be carried out in Ethereum  and the token will be compatible with ERC 20 


50% will be stored in Cold Wallet to leverage traders
25% for marketing and business expenses
20% for development, server payments, licenses, etc.
5% salary for developers and
70% team members will be on sale for
20% ICO will be locked in the form of
5% fund exchange for initial
5% investor for reward campaign

Distribution of MNT Token

70% of sales during ICO.
Freezing 20% ​​in MANDARIN stock exchange.
 5% of initial investors.
 5% for campaign rewardsIn the first 3 months of the stock, a 0% commission will be set for all trading pairs to attract the maximum number of traders. This will allow users to try out all of our platform features without paying any fees, and choose them to choose Mandarin.Starting from the 4th month of operation, the size of the trading commission will increase to 0.05%, and after 3 months the commission will be 0.1%, after the reward program input will work. 

For more information visit

Slack: https: //join.slack. com / t / mandarin-top / shared_invite / MjIzMTg0MDk4NTI5LTE1MDIyMDI3MTgtYmQ1NGU4M2JmZg


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