THE SELFPAY.ASIA ICO: The Next Level of Payment Gateway

 The sequence and attributions attached to payment processes is an invisible element that has challenged the traditional financial system and its navigates deeply into the approach it uses as a centralized system function. This is the norm that SelfPay podium has come to change and innovate in a unique way. 

 This is the SelfPay principle and it echos again as SelfPay on the blockchain model. It is the future and nothing is stopping the realistic approach for crypto trading and use in Asia. Thus, all models and framework can translate and make the usefulness of expertise from the team unanimous effort in making the system a functional essence to users and traders in the crypto place. 

 SelfPay Unleashes the gap between traditional payments and crypto-currency. SelfPay allows sellers to receive crypto-currency payments using the Sale mobile app.
The service transfers 40% of the total revenue from the transaction fee for each successful payment to the SKP token holder!
Team proposal
products Our products already exist (released in 2016) and ready to be sold and distributed throughout Southeast Asia.
We have a clear road map that ensures that the product fits the market at every stage.  

 This is a way of paying more and more on the final price of products is the defining point for which all forms of businesses need to thrive. SelfPay.Asia brings to the South East Asia transactions payment system and style. This in essence is what Self Pay provides. Thus it uses crypto currencies exchange for pays in reducing cost of transactions for Business to consumers and Business to Business including tourist at certain points within Asia in general. This is the basis for the SelfPay platform for all business especially in South Asia and environs. Thus, it defines the model payment structure on the blockchain decentralized technology system. Hence, every user of the SelfPay whether it is an individual, small medium enterprise or big businesses.  

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