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🚀 Greetings to all crypto-enthusiasts who have glanced at this page. It has not been for a long time on my blog pages of reviews of ICO - projects, as those worthy of your attention, did not fall into my field of vision, although their number simply goes off the scale.

But today I saw a really cool, revolutionary and in general SUPER - a project that I couldn’t pass by without digging into it in more detail. And now I hasten to share with you information about the NELUNS project, which has everything to become one of the best projects of the end of 2018.

Neluns is an innovative project, a comprehensive financial ecosystem that will unite a bank that can work with fiat funds and cryptoactive assets, a cryptocurrency exchange and an insurance company, thanks to which you can completely protect your investments, which is especially important in a cryptocurrency so volatile space.

The main task of the developers is to create a project that can become a connecting link that can combine modern financial and cryptocurrency markets.

And so, the main components of the Neluns ecosystem:

🚀Neluns Bank will provide a full range of banking services, providing its users with the opportunity to work with both types of assets - cryptocurrency and fiat.

Over time, Neluns Exchange will become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, as it provides its users with unprecedented conditions for buying, exchanging, trading, and all other services provided by exchanges.

Neluns Insurance reliably ensures all operations of its customers against possible .

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🚀All existing banking services will be provided by Neluns Bank. But the main goal of the developers is not in this. The creators of one of their main tasks are to combine the traditional and cryptocurrency financial sectors. Successful implementation will raise Neluns to a height that has not been conquered yet by other projects. Much is being done for its successful implementation. The site of the bank Neluns is already operating, where at competitive rates it will be possible to submit an application and get approval for any loan product from small consumer to mortgage and business lending.

And, lo and behold! Finally, partnership agreements have been concluded with Visa, MasterCard and American Express and the plastic cards of the project will be issued after the end of the ICO, so many of their owners will be able to withdraw and deposit cash anywhere in the world. Investing in cryptocurrency will be easy, simple, safe. It will be possible to carry out such an operation to an inexperienced user since it is as simple as withdrawing or putting money on a plastic card. This will attract a large number of new customers worldwide, which will give a huge influx of capital to the platform.

Mobile applications for IOS and Android are now ready, with the help of which you will be able to manage your banking assets.

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🚀Comfortable and intuitive exchange interface will allow users to buy and sell their assets by pressing a couple of buttons. Convenience and ease of use and security of user tools - the main prerogatives for the creators of Neluns Exchange. Protection against DDos attacks, the highest possible speed of transactions, attentive and responsive technical support, working 24 hours a day, whose employees will be able to communicate with their customers in any language of the world. I am sure that all users will appreciate the Neluns exchange.

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🚀For customers, insurance is the most important element of protecting their own funds, so Neluns covers all financial risks. Customers can fully or partially insure their investments using the following insurance services:

• risk insurance during transactions;
• insurance of credit and deposit risks;
• insurance of investment risks;
• insurance of financial guarantees.

As you can see, Neluns provides its customers with a full guarantee of the safety of assets, which is the most important indicator of the reliability of a company.

Importantly, the company will share 50% of its profits with the holders of Neluns tokens (NLS) in proportion to the number of coins held.

The roadmap of the project is detailed until April 2020. By this date, Neluns plans to hold an IPO (initial public offering) on the world's largest New York Stock Exchange NYSE.

Command Neluns

🚀The founders of the company are professionals with extensive experience in banking and business development. While they worked in the largest US banks, they faced many shortcomings of traditional banking services. This prompted them to create a new generation of their own financial ecosystem, devoid of flaws.

My findings:

🚀P.S. Summing up, I can assume that such a grand project has every chance to realize all the plans that had been planned and become one of the most successful projects of the second half of 2018. I hope that the gain of world popularity will not be too long.

The ICO of the Neluns project ends successfully on October 5, 2018. Anyone who has not acquired NLS tokens during the meeting is waiting for the listing and Neluns to go public.

My words are in no way a recommendation for action. Remember that investing in an ICO carries high risks (but, it seems to me, not in this particular case). I wish you the right choice of project for investment, which will bring financial independence.

30 second exposure 30 second exposure 30 second exposure 30 second exposure 30 second exposure

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