Revolutions in technology especially the developing blockchain technology has opened opportunities and business arenas people did not know existed. This is reflected on many innovations and advancement in user friendly Dapps and interfaces that make a higher degree of better user experiences possible.

Transactions are now carried out with ease while relaxing in the user's comfort zones.
Exchanges are now effected within seconds while also securing the privacy and transparency of such exchanges. PROBIT is offering users a better and advanced platform where they can make exchanges using a variety of coins, even non crypto trading and exchanges.

Problem Statement/Challenges Of Current Crypto Trading Platforms

Exchanges and trading over the existing centralized technology has proved to not be serving the intended users. This is the case when it comes to security and transparency. The security state of some of these exchange platforms is worrisome as they are prone to cyber attack and hacking attempts. Also the centralized system may experience a device crash which may expose or ultimately destroy all data stored in the central server.
Another issue that bothers the attempts of some platforms to resolve the existing problem is that some of the platforms only conduct crypto exchange making it difficult for the decentralized blockchain to grow above a certain level.

Project Solutions
PROBIT offers a state - of - the - art and highly sophisticated platform that offers exchanges for various crypto-currencies as well as other items that initiate exchange. PROBIT will facilitate special functions suitable for a wide range of application and users. It is designed for everyday users and institutions as well as advanced traders. The platform will incorporate an all - in - one exchange that will enable on boarders to purchase and vend different coins.
Through unification of all transaction aspects PROBIT will make buying and selling of coins an easy task for users of the platform. The advanced PROBIT platform can accommodate concurrent orders of over the order of a million transactions per second while also ensuring and guaranteeing the security of all transaction and addresses on the platform as well as stability.

About PROBIT Token

The PROBIT platform has the PROBIT Token as its integral part. PROBIT token is a utility token which will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain through smart contract.
PROBIT token is based on the ERC20 tokenized protocol. The token will support all Ethereum wallets while being transferable on the blockchain.

In conclusion, the platform will provide users with multi wallets where they can store their PROBIT tokens such as BITCOIN, ETHER and other crypto-currencies safely and securely. Security against hacking and cyber attacks over all digital assets is a priority and the first of its kind on any crypto trading platform.

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