I’ve got an especially interesting project to review today called PROBIT, which has the pioneering vision of providing with a modern, secure and all-encompassing cyber security solution based on a decentralised structure. This is a mammoth task, of course, so will need to be backed by strong fundamentals if the project has a chance of achieving its goals- which we are about to analyse.

In this article specifically I will provide insight into the PROBIT project in order to answers the two questions: ‘who’? And ‘what’? Namely, who are PROBIT? And what are they trying to accomplish? Essentially, a detailed overall project analysis.

PROBIT Exchange offers a modern, highly sophisticated Trading platform. Unlike most cryptocurrency exchanges, PROBIT stands out in the blockchain world, providing different platforms that are combined into one to offer its customers a wide range of services.

PROBIT aims to reach great heights around the world in the coming years with its features and measures put in place. Launching its modern cryptocurrency exchange platform is the first step in their long journey towards realizing their vision of becoming a world leader in crypto-exchange and blockchain solutions.

For ease of use, casual or users who use the platform for the first time have the opportunity to buy or sell any amount of cryptocurrency tokens as they want. The number of blocks provides a familiar point of reference and optimizes the buying / selling process. Charges, limits, order totals and relevant market information are provided to give users the exact situation for their transactions.

The user interface contains comparable features, as well as more advanced tools (such as graphics) and dashboards optimized for more active, everyday traders and end users.

Institutional user interface designed for professional or novice traders. It has a good trading ladder with click-to-trade capabilities, as well as complex types of institutional orders. This user interface is optimized for minute trading and provides end users with a reliable set of real market data.

The user can receive various products and services from trading partners at a reduced rate when paying with PROBIT token. Sellers will be offered a lower transaction fee when they accept PROBIT tokens as a payment method.

PROBIT is one of the best project I have seen so far with measures to counter any form of attacks by hackers which this will make it the best exchange platform in this century. PROBIT has put in serires of measures to ensure full transparency, trust, and efficiency in its exchange platform. What would a blockchain project be without an element of decentralisation? which is why PROBIT has adopted the use of blockchain technology to decentralized its exchange platform

PROBIT are well aware of the many deep-rooted problems which make effective cyber security in the modern world more than just a headache. The variety and complicated nature of modern technology use means that personal (and business) data is constantly at risk; every time you send an email, use websites or mobile devices, for example, you are trusting that the information being sent across such communication protocols is properly secure- however this is unfortunately rarely the case.

The time, effort and money required to test multiple products and (do the utmost to) ensure overall security for every device and service is simply not feasible for most individuals and small businesses- who can not afford to expend the vast time and resources to do so effectively. On top of this, the centralised nature of operation of traditional cyber security solutions means that their gathered threat intelligence data is not used for the best of its threat-identifying value.

PROBIT are therefore calling for a new paradigm shift in the whole cyber security market focusing on transparency, efficiency and provide a layer of trust in security services (and their products) where currently there is none.

Now for the crucial question: do PROBIT TEAM have the expertise and ability required to make translate their motivation into positive change?

The varied and well-seasoned PROBIT team thus far have proven their dedication with their persistent progress and commitment to working towards the best of the project for all people and players involved.

This experience and measurable success so far inspires huge amounts of confidence in the team and their abilities, already having proven their incredible potential for positive change.

Token Supply => 200,000,000 PROB
Token Symbol => PROB
Token Type => Erc20
Blockchain Network => ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN

10% (20,000,000 PROB) Allocated to Private sale, pre-sale & IEO
50% (100,000,000 PROB) Allocated to trade mining
20% (40,000,000 PROB) Allocated to Strategic Reserves
20% (40,000,000 PROB) Allocated to Team

So there we have the ‘who’, and ‘what’ of the PROBIT project. The who- a well-seasoned team of professionals who have already proven their impressive capabilities within the space through years of first-hand operational experience.

The ‘what’ is an innovative blockchain-powered decentralised cryptocurrency exchange platfrom, designed from the ground up to facilitate a fundamentally more secure, efficient and transparent all-encompassing trading platform

For more information about PROBIT project check the links below

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Bitcointalk Username => Lekatoo

Writer Username => Lekato

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