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  With advancement in technology the industry has been evolving for its best, but with a tonne of add blockers and disinterest of the online readers to see unwanted advertisement pop-ups there has been a class in public interest and the interests of the advertisement providers. Many websites do not allow to read through their content if the user doesn't whitelist the website from an add-blocker. On top of this is the eternal struggle to maintain a good advertisement content for a better user interaction and simultaneously earn money via advertising, which, is hard to balance. 1World has a solution to all these problems. Why not incentivize your advertisements to your customers? 

 1World Online is a Silicon Valley company headquartered and operates in San Jose, California since 2012 with the mission of building a global software platform to complement online content with interactive tools (such as Polls, Surveys, Quizzes, Insights, Interactive Maps and other formats) which helps answer the question "What People Think About It?" This is done through the collection of contextual, relevant, organic, and very much data with on-site analysis and across the network of participation.  

 1World is something that strongly believes in supporting website readers to visit more often gives them an incentive for their engagement and contribution, and offers the option to be exposed or not to advertising on the site. All of these elements should be gathered together in the trio of "Reader - Publisher - Advertiser". 

 Like many other traditional industries, the media business is struggling and undergoing a major transformation powered by new technology, implemented through new user experiences and supported by the right business model to drive those changes toward real and sustainable solutions and not a viable solution. to create a host of other issues (such as happens with "native" and "programmatic" ad approaches). 

 Benefits to the publishers

Publishers will have whole new revenue streams from the platform. The will be given an option to provide readers with incentives out of the 10% income from the advertisements. This is where the user-incentives will come from. The 1World platform is designed to reach out and be accepted by more and more people thus ultimately increasing the revenue earned by the publisher.

Benefits to the advertisers

  • Discounts: The platform will have special discounts for the advertisers who pay with 1World tokens in contrary to cash or other equivalent payments.
  • Have access to 1World network of sites (clusters) supporting 1W widgets.
  • Have an immediate support from the 1World team throughout the ad campaign.
  • The advertisers will have an ability to profile their audience and thereby efficiently reach the target profiles.
  • Access to 1World's user engagement tools like Polls, Quizzes, Debates and more.

 The 1World platform will incentivize users for their engagements and contributions. This will thus, break the deadlock in the industry where users don't want to see advertisements which a requirement for advertisers and their source of income. 1World will be beneficial for all the parties in the system. The platform will give choice to the users to see advertisements or not, but at the same time, users will have a motive to choose to see them. All these elements can make the "Reader – Publisher -- Advertiser" triangle work.

Benefits to the users.

One world platform as of now has a point system to keep track of the user's interaction with the platform. These points after a threshold amount can be converted to 1World tokens which can be used on the 1World platform or outside of it.

  • Use 1World tokens for micropayments to disable advertisements. The platform will thus solve one of the biggest issues in the industry today where users cannot access the website with add-blocking plugins on their browsers.
  • The tokens earned can be used to buy your own advertisement space and publicise your own services or products.
  • These tokens can be taken to an online crypto-exchange platform and can be transacted to any other cryptocurrency.

The conversion of points to tokens will be different for different websites and will depend upon site ranking, traffic, and other related factors. 1World will develop an algorithm for this conversions by consulting its Board of media experts. 

 1World Now
1World has well-developed products, business models and deployments;

  • More than $ 8 million of US equity capital increased from VC and Angel Investors in the United States, Japan, India, Singapore, Europe, Hong Kong, Israel, Russia & Korea.
  • Business model: Ads + SaaS / Permissions; $ 0.8M in 2015, $ 1.3M in 2016
  • Over 12 million lifetime users are involved in the 1World platform
  • Over 2500 registered partners of all types (publishers and brands)
  • More than 46 million votes were collected through polls, surveys and other tools
  • Up to 1.5 million monthly engagement widget participants
  • 30 languages ​​supported
  • Up to 140 million monthly global impressions *
  • 6 patents filed
  • 5 industry awards
  • 4 Worldwide Offices (USA, Ukraine, EU, Latin America)
  • Strategic Partners: Google, AOL, IBM Watson, Amazon AWS, Cint, McCann

1World Cryptocurrency & how to use
1World Online will introduce its own cryptocurrency called 1WO (pronounced as one world).Token 1WO is an internal cryptocurrency circulating in the ecosystem created and developed Online World. All payments in such an ecosystem will only be made through Token 1WO. For easy exchange of Token 1WOs into popular fiat and cryptoes, there will be references to external markets such as Coin Exchanges where 1WO coins will be registered after ICO.The issuance of 1WO currency is limited to 160 million tokens and no additional emissions are planned.From the outset, the issued token mass was designed to support the growth of transaction volume within the ecosystem during scaling, which implies the continued organic growth of the purchasing power of the 1WO Token.Tokens can be divided into 8th decimal place positions, so growth in their values ​​will not be a problem in processing transactions of a decent size in the 1World Online ecosystem.The following basic use cases include all three Triangle participants: Reader → Publisher → Advertiser 


 Token Sales Volume:

  • 50 million Tokens 1WO tokens for this ICO (also time limited to completion of ICO)
  • The total plan is to issue tokens worth 160 million in 3 years
    Token issued Volume up to 160 million tokens for life

Minimum target: Minimum ICO target will be set at $ 5 million
Token Distribution: Included in next section
Token Price when Issued: $ 1.00 USD at the beginning, with $ 1.20 as the upper limit towards the end of ICO.
Website link: https://ico.1worldonline.com
Forms of payment received: BTC, LTC, DASH, ETC, ETH, XMR, ZEC or USD (via account transfer)
Start Date Presale: September 7, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT

  • 25% off 7 September - 14 September
  • 20% Off September 14th - September 21st
  • 15% off September 21 - September 28th
  • 10% off 28 September - 5 October

Public End Date of Public Sale: 05 October 2017, 12:00 PM PDT
Date Started ICO: 05 October 2017, 12:00 PM PDT
End Date IC: 06 November 2017, 12:00 PM PDT
Date of issue token: November 16, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT1World Token Allocation
During ICO for each (1) Token sold in open sale:

  • 1 Token will be issued for mining to Publishers and Partners
  • 0.2 Tokens will be issued for the Team and Adviser / Bounty program
  • 1 Token will be allocated and placed to the Reserve (aka, Liquidity pool)

 1World automatically generates Intelligent Content (such as Insight pages that include interactive maps and other analysis) linked to modules (widgets) installed on partner sites. This content improves sharing through social networks, improves relevance, and attracts new readers - with the ultimate benefit of increasing audiences and reach. 

 1World Analysis includes a range of data analysis, research tools, and capabilities that provide insights into consumer opinions, preferences, and behaviors. 1World is also an IBM Watson Certified Partner and provides a cognitive science-powered analysis that combines Watson. 

For more informations visit

 website: https://ico.1worldonline.com

Whitepaper: http://reports.1worldonline.com.s3.amazonaws.com/docs/1WO_white_paper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1WorldOnlineInc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/1World_Online

bitcointalk ID: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1017518

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