Hello cryptocurrency lovers and blockchain enthusiasts, in this article, I want to examine the INGOT COIN which appears to be one of the promising projects in the cryptocurrency world since it has raised $ 40 million in Pre-Sales,

There are many ongoing problems in current central and decentralized financial structures such as:
The inability of platforms to provide easy and secure conversion between fiat money and cryptocurrency,
The high transaction fee as a source of unhappiness for traders in decentralized platforms,
The absence of transparency and traceability especially in centralized finance structures,
The problem of being listed on a cryptocurrency exchange for new ICO projects’ tokens.
The steadily rising numbers of scam ICO projects.
That is why the INGOT COIN Project is committed to resolving all these problems with a strong team and solid company support over a single ecosystem and by collecting different financial instruments under one umbrella.

The project is carried out under the leadership of INGOT Group. So we can say that there is a giant financial enterprise behind the project. Ingot Group has been active in the business since 1993. It has a lot of big initiatives such as Sigma Investments, Dreamtechs Digital Solutions, Ingot Brokers, Global Alliance Partners, AlWadeha Financial Education, 8x8women Joint Ventures, Ingot Coin. And it is a is a large financial structure with subsidiaries in different countries of the world, such as Switzerland, Australia, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Jordan, Estonia, New Zealand.

INGOT Coin wants to minimize the problems of the centralized financial markets and decentralized cryptocurrency markets. Also, the project wants to facilitate the transition between these two financial worlds. In other words, it desires to integrate these two worlds which need to be met in an appropriate and correct environment in the coming period. And it will eliminate all intermediaries using the facilities provided by blockchain technology and smart contracts.

In this ecosystem; exchange transactions of cryptocurrencies will be possible. It will also be possible to trade both cryptocurrency and fiat money in the same platform. In the new ecosystem anyone will be able to buy Euro with his Dollar, then buy ETH with that Euro. This will also fundamentally solve the problems of fiat money and cryptocurrency interchangeability in the current exchanges. On the other hand, newly – introduced ICO tokens will be able to list in the eco-system of the project, and management of fund will be carried out easily, quickly and safely.

In the IC ecosystem; IC Wallet, IC Digital Bank, IC Brokerage, IC Exchange, IC ICO Accelerator, IC Crypto Certifier affiliates and products will be gathered under a single umbrella.

IC Digital Bank will support 7/24 payment operations. It will also integrate with IC Brokerage and IC Exchange and allow the online activities of them. It will also offer funding and lending facilities to investors.

IC Brokerage will be a global liquidity center with quality market pricing within the scope of the wide range of financial product options up to fiat money, cryptocurrencies, international stocks and ETFs.

IC Exchange will be a platform where trades of all financial elements such as cryptocurrencies, newly-introduced ICO tokens, fiat money of the centralized world and ETF can be made.

The IC Wallet will preserve the crypto or financial value of the shareholders integrated with IC Digital Bank. In doing so, multiple signatures (private key) and cold storage (no internet access etc.) security tools will be used. With the IC ICO Accelerator, the entire ICO process from the start to the end listing at a cryptocurrency market will be presented to the user with secure means. This will also make it easier for the new ICO projects to be alive.

Token and ICO Information

The project token is Ingot Coin which is based on ERC 20 standard. The token abbreviation is IC. In the ICO sales, the token price is: 1 IC = 1 USD.

ICO sales related to Ingot Coin have been occurring in two rounds which are Pre-Sales and ICO Main Token Sales. Pre-sale of the project was finalized on June 30. During this period, 8,017 investors were sold for $ 40 million. Project’s ICO Soft Cap target is $ 37 million and this goal has already been reached in Pre-sales. The hard cap target is $ 90 million.

In the present case, main token sales will be until 1 August 2018. There will be discounts on different dates in this process. However, you need to act quickly to benefit from these discounts. Cryptocurrencies as BTC or ETH, fiat money, and credit cards are also accepted in token sales. You can join IC token sales at this address:

Team Members

The Founder of the Project is the female entrepreneur named Iman Mutlaq. She is also the CEO of Sigma Ltd. and a partner of the Global Alliance. Since 1993, she has been working in the financial industry around the world. The other co-founder of the project is H.E Sheikh Ali Al Khalifa, a well-known entrepreneur. He is the Chairman of the SADAD named company operating in finance in Bahrain. He has a wide range of experience in the investment sector.

The CEO of the project is Eli Shibib, a well-known entrepreneur. He has over 10 years of experience in investment and finance. Previously, he worked as an accounting manager at Sigma Investments LTD.

In the Advisory Board of the Project, there are significant entrepreneurs such as Jim Preissier who is’s CEO and Saad Mohib who is the founder of HalalChain.

The project appears to have received 9.1 out of 10 on ICOMARKS and 5 out of 5 on Track ICO which are known as independent ICO rating websites.


In the Ingot Coin Project, which I have mentioned above, I can say that the first issue which attracted me the most is the success of raising $ 40 million in the pre-sales and the second is to find INGOT Group behind the project. In the upcoming period, I believe that the project will reach its targets with the ecosystem that is well structured.

This is not an investment recommendation. It is a review made from the sources related to the platform/project.

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